俄罗斯航班迫降起火41人遇难 调查人员展开调查

Russian officials are investigating Sunday's crash of a plane that burst into flames during an emergency landing. The crash killed 41 people.

The national airline Aeroflot operated the passenger plane, a Russian-built Sukhoi Superjet 100.

The crash happened shortly after the plane took off from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. The plane was to fly to the northern city of Murmansk. Within minutes, the pilots requested an emergency landing.

Video shared on social media shows the plane coming down for a hard landing. As it slid down the runway, the back of the aircraft burst into flames. After coming to a stop, large flames as well as thick, black smoke rose from the plane.

Russian Transportation Minister Yevegny Dietrich reported that 41 bodies were recovered from the wreckage. He said 37 people survived the crash. Some of the survivors could be seen on video jumping down an air-filled slide from the front of the plane.
俄罗斯交通部长叶夫根尼·迪特里希(Yevgeny Dietrich)报告称,从飞机残骸中找到了41具尸体。他说有37人在这起事故中幸存。在视频中可以看到一些幸存者从飞机前方的紧急滑梯上跳下来。

Russian media reported one of the pilots said lightning had struck the plane. Flight attendant Tatiana Kasatnika said in a video on YouTube that the plane had taken off in a storm. Before the crash, she said she heard a loud noise and saw a burst of light.
据俄罗斯媒体报道,其中一名飞行员声称闪电击中了这架飞机。空乘人员塔蒂亚娜·卡萨特尼卡(Tatiana Kasatnika)在Youtube视频中表示,这架飞机在暴风雨中起飞。她说,事故发生前她听到了一声巨响,并看到一道闪光。

"We took off, got into a cloud, there was strong hail," the flight attendant said. "And at that moment, there was a pop and some kind of flash, like electricity."

Russia's main investigative committee said the plane's flight recorders were recovered from the burned wreckage. A spokeswoman for the committee told Russian news agencies Monday that investigators were looking into three main possible causes: inexperienced pilots, equipment failure and bad weather.

One survivor praised the plane's flight attendants for helping save him and others. "It was dark and there was gas, a very high temperature. They helped people out of there, helped them to descend," Dmity Khlebnikov told a Russian newspaper.
一名幸存者感谢机上的空乘人员拯救了他和其他人。Dmity Khlebnikov对一家俄罗斯报纸表示:“机舱里漆黑一片,热浪袭人。空乘人员帮助人们逃离了那里,帮助他们下来了。”

Another passenger, Mikhail Savchenko, wrote on Facebook that some passengers grabbed their belongings as they fled during the emergency. "I do not know what to say about people who ran out with bags. God is their judge," he wrote.
另一位乘客Mikhail Savchenko在Facebook上写道,一些乘客在紧急逃离时还紧紧抓住他们的行李。他写道:“对于这些带着行李撤离的乘客,我不知道该说什么。人在做天在看。”

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft first entered service in 2011. It was introduced as a major, new replacement for outdated passenger planes designed during times of the Soviet Union.

But the plane has been troubled in the past by concerns over problems with its horizontal stabilizers. In 2017, Russian officials ordered an inspection of all Superjets in Russia because of the problems.

A Mexican airline, Interjet, grounded Superjets in December 2016 over the issues.

Transportation Minister Dietrich told reporters Monday it was too early to decide whether the planes should be grounded in Russia.

I'm Bryan Lynn.