In the U.S. this month, Americans are discussing whether 3D [three-dimensional] guns are legal.

Cody Wilson says yes. He first used a website to publish designs for a printable handgun in 2013. But the U.S. State Department soon ordered him to stop, saying the designs violated laws related to exports.
科迪·威尔逊(Cody Wilson)声称合法。他最初于2013年在一家网站上发布了可3D打印手枪的设计图。但是美国国务院很快命令他停止发布,称该设计图违反了出口相关法律。

This summer, the two parties reached a settlement that would permit Wilson to publish the designs. But when public officials warned that 3D guns threatened public safety, a judge blocked Wilson until the issue could be discussed again.

A First Amendment issue?

Wilson calls his argument a First Amendment case. The First Amendment, part of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights, permits Americans the right to most kinds of speech. Wilson believes it permits him to share the plans to make a gun with a 3D printer.

His lawyer, Josh Blackman, said, "This is a very, very, very easy First Amendment question that I think people might be hesitant to accept because it involves guns and people don't like guns."
他的律师约什·布莱克曼( Josh Blackman)表示,“这是非常简单的第一修正案争端,我认为人们可能会犹豫不决,因为它涉及枪支,而人们不喜欢枪支。”

A public safety issue?

The federal judge who has temporarily blocked Wilson noted the case presented "serious First Amendment issues." But Judge Robert Lasnik also said that guns made on 3D printers could create serious harm.
临时禁止威尔逊的联邦法官罗伯特·拉斯尼克(Robert Lasnik)指出,该案件提出了严重的第一修正案争端。但是拉斯尼克也表示,3D打印枪支可能会造成严重伤害。

Critics of 3D guns say criminals or terrorists could easily create the guns and hide them. The New York Times newspaper notes they "can be printed without serial numbers or government regulations."

In addition, all-plastic guns would violate a 1988 law called the Undetectable Firearms Act. That act outlaws guns that cannot be identified by a metal detector. Congress has renewed the act several times, and it remains in effect.

Even though Wilson's designs call for some metal, critics say a user could easily remove those pieces.

"It's an absurdity. You can take the piece of metal out and put it back in at your own whims and you can take it out and walk through a metal detector undetected," said Jonas Oransky, legal director for the group Everytown for Gun Safety.
枪支安全组织(Everytown for Gun Safety)法律总监Jonas Oransky表示:”这很荒谬。你可以照自己的想法把这块金属片随便取出来或放回去。你把它取出来就能通过金属探测器检测。“

Wilson answers that he is not making an all-plastic gun. He is simply providing the information on how someone could make one.

The judge will meet with lawyers about the case next week.

U.S. President Donald Trump has also said he is thinking about the issue.

I'm Kelly Jean Kelly.