This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

    Question: Which program is in Guinness World Records as the world's longest running TV quiz show? Answer:

    MAC McGARRY: "It's Academic!"
    It's Academic节目。

    "It's Academic" is a Saturday morning program for high school students. The show has aired in the Washington area for fifty years. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton competed on the show when she was a teenager.
    It's Academic是一个面向高中学生的周六早间节目。该节目已经在华盛顿地区播出了50年之久。美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿年少时就参加过这个节目。

    Teams from local schools answer questions on subjects like history, literature, math, science, religion, politics and sports.

    MAC McGARRY: "You should take a looooong look at these questions because all the clues contain the word long. Identify the following, number one: the 'Long Gray Line' refers to cadets at this US military academy. [Bell] Macgruder."
    麦克·麦克格雷:“你必须花很长时间思考这些问题,因为所有线索中都包含long这个单词。判断以下问题,第一个问题,‘Long Gray Line’这部影片提到了这所军事学院的学员。(抢答铃)Macgruder高中队。”
    注:Long Gray Line,美国影片名,国内译为“西点军魂”


    MAC McGARRY: "Right. He didn't live to see the staging of his drama 'Long Day's Journey Into Night.' [Bell] Magruder."
    麦克格雷:“正确!他没能活到看到他的戏剧作品‘Long Day's Journey Into Night’的上演。(抢答铃))Macgruder高中队”
    注:Long Day's Journey Into Night,国内译为《长夜漫漫路迢迢》,尤金·奥尼尔Eugene O'Neill(1888-1953)作品,在他去世后的1956年才在瑞典首演,并获得普利策奖。

    注:T.S. Eliot,全名Thomas Stearns Eliot,戏剧家。

    MAC McGARRY: "Eugene O'Neill. Sorry ... "

    Susan Altman is the producer.
    苏珊·奥尔特曼(Susan Altman)是该节目制作人。

    SUSAN ALTMAN: "It's a great age group to work with. They're fun, they're enthusiastic, they say funny things without even meaning to half the time."

    Ms. Altman's mother, Sophie, was a TV producer in the nineteen fifties. She started "It's Academic" after local school officials asked her to create a program that showed outstanding students.
    奥尔特曼女士的母亲索菲(Sophie)是上世纪50年代的电视制片人。当地学校官员邀请她创作一个展示优秀学生的节目,于是她创办了It's Academic节目。

    SUSAN ALTMAN: "At that time -- nineteen sixty-one -- the United States was going through a lot of upheaval with school integration, and they wanted things to help out to make the schools look good and to show that integration could work and work well. So this is what she came up with."

    The show's host, Mac McGarry, says the teams became more diverse over the years.

    MAC McGARRY: "When we first started, the young people from various countries were not evident so much. But now, each program presents young people from all over the world, at least descendents of people from all over the world."

    Mac McGarry is eighty-four and has hosted "It's Academic" since the beginning.

    MAC MCGARRY: "Every time I look up, I see people who are just seventeen years old, and somehow I think, well, I must not be growing older at all. Their enthusiasm is contagious, no question about it. You really have to rev yourself up to keep up with them."

    More than twenty thousand students have appeared on the show. Mac McGarry has asked more than two hundred thousand questions and gotten more than a few funny answers.

    MAC McGARRY: "We had a question one time: 'Who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo?' and the young fellow answered Duke Ellington. Another time, we had a question of 'Who along with Frederick Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto?' Groucho Marx!"
    麦克格雷:“有一次我们的问题是,‘谁在滑铁卢打败了拿破仑?’一个年轻人回答说是埃灵顿公爵(Duke Ellington)。还有一次,我们的问题是,‘谁和弗里德里希·恩格斯(Frederick Engels)一起创作《共产主义宣言》?’有人回答格劳乔·马克斯(Groucho Marx)!”
    注:Duke Ellington,音乐人,爵士乐创新人物。Groucho Marx,电影演员。

    The correct answers, of course, are the Duke of Wellington and Karl Marx. Kelly Reeder knows that. She led the team from Rockville High School in Maryland last year. Her school has won the championship on "It's Academic" several times.
    正确答案当然是威灵顿公爵(Duke of Wellington)和卡尔·马克思(Karl Marx)。凯莉·理德知道这个答案。她去年率领马里兰州罗克维尔高中队参加了节目。她的学校曾多次获得It's Academic节目冠军。

    KELLY REEDER: "Me and all the other people on the team, we've put in a lot of effort over the years and a lot of time to be where we are. It's a really huge honor to end up on the A Team."

    And what do other students think?

    KELLY REEDER: "My friends who are on 'It's Academic' think it's cool that I'm the captain of the A Team, but my friends who are not on 'It's Academic' think it's kind of funny."
    理德:“参加了It's Academic节目的朋友认为我作为冠军队伍的队长很酷,但没参加过节目的朋友只是觉得有趣。”