Speeches That Sent Off '09 College Graduates

    1.rewarding a.有益的, 有报酬的, 报答的

    例句:It's so rewarding to work with young people.

    2.perseverance n.毅力, 忍耐, 锲而不舍, 不屈不挠

    例句:It requires prudence and perseverance to probe into the law of nature.

    3.display n.显示, 陈列, 炫耀, 显示器

    例句:I discovered the salesman's trick that he sells display products to customers as new ones.

    4.determination n.决心, 果断

    例句:He shows great determination to overcome all the difficulties.

    5.dispute n.争论,纠纷,争端,争议

    例句:We must confine the dispute to our department instead of submiting it to the boss.

    6.vibrant a.振动的, 战栗的, 响亮的, 活跃的

    例句:The lake light and the tree shadow set off each other, the scene is vibrant with life.
    7.vigorous a.精力充沛的, 元气旺盛的, 茁壮的, 有力的

    例句:Banking services saw vigorous development.

    8.harness vt.给...上挽具, 驾驭, 披上甲胄, 利用...以产生动力

    9.multicultural 多元文化的

    例句:Since Australia is a multicultural and unique society,it is probably hard for Chinese students to fit in with it.

    10.discrimination n.差别, 岐视, 辨别力

    例句:The company denies to have practiced discrimination against any applicant.

    1.There are few things that are more rewarding than to watch young people recognize that they have the power to make their dreams come true.

    come true实现, 成为事实

    例句:May all your dreams come true.

    realize one's dreams实现梦想

    2.Is it possible for us to join hands in common effort?

    join hands联手

    例句:We can not win unless we join hands.

    3.He told students it was time for them to learn what it means to be a human being on Earth at a time when every living system was failing.

    on earth究竟

    例句:What on earth do you mean?

    4.Clara Park of New York City says she first fell in love with "Star Trek" in the late nineteen eighties by watching the "Next Generation" television series.

    fall in love with爱上某人

    例句:The prince fall in love with a fair young maiden.

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