Jean Shin Makes Art From Everyday Objects

1.thoughtful a.深思的, 体贴的

例句:A sober and steady type, he is meticulous and thoughtful in handling matters.

2.exhibit v.展现, 陈列, 展览

例句:These painters have a silimar painting style. We need some paintings of different styles to exhibit.

3.donate v.捐赠

例句:Provided we meet our profit targets, we will donate one million dollars to charity.

4.endanger vt.危及

例句:Home delivery of baby may endanger the mother's life.

1.If you move closer to the sculptures, you realize they are made up of thousands of carefully stacked small plastic bottles for storing medicines.

made up of由……组成

例句:The team is made up almost entirely of Zimbabwean.

2.People buy the tickets in hopes of winning large amounts of money.

in hopes of怀着...的希望, 希望能...

例句:We are sending out samples in hopes of gaining comments.

3.Visitors can add to the work by typing their own message.

add to加入, 加到,增加

例句:His select requirements on sanitation will add to our costs.