And the Winner Is: Netflix Awards 1 Million for Best Software Program

1.undergraduate n.大学生,大学肄业生

例句:In recent years, undergraduate students prefer going overseas for their master degrees.

2.abbreviation n.缩写

例句:Jan is the abbreviation for January.

3.imaginary a.想象中的,假想的,虚构的,幻想的

例句:Her memoirs are people with imaginary creatures.

4.nominee n.被提名的人,被任命者

1.It does so by comparing the movies the member has rated with all the movies on the site.

compare with比较…,跟…相比,比得上…

例句:As for work, we can't compare with those young people.

2.In general, fraternities are for men, while sororities are for women.

in general总的来说,一般说来,大体上,整个地

例句:Teachers in general are pleased with the new scheme.

3.Some of these groups date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

date back to始于,可以追溯到…

例句:The history of hockey can date back to thousands ago.