Short Story: 'The Whirligig of Life' by O. Henry

1.mournful a.悲恸的,悲哀的,令人惋惜的

例句:She was mournful for the whole of the day.

2.lonesome a.寂寞的

例句:She felt lonesome because she lost her husband.

3.wipe vt.擦,揩,消除,涂上,拭去

例句:Please wipe the table with a dry cloth.
4.hereinafter ad.以下,在下文中

5.dignity n.尊严,面子,高贵

例句:I refuse to do something so low and beneath my dignity.

6.alimony n.瞻养费

例句:She is implacable an adversary as a wife suing for alimony.

1.they will neither love, honor, nor obey each other, neither for better nor worse, they being of sound mind and body.


    I have neither time nor money. 我既无时间又无钱。

    I neither smoke nor drink. 我既不抽烟也不喝酒。

    He neither knows nor cares what happened. 他对所发生的事不闻不问。

    This is neither my fault nor yours. 这既不怪我,也不怪你。

    「注」通常应连接两个相同性质的句子成分,但有时后一成分可能省略与前一成分相同的词。若连接两个成分作主语,其谓语通常与靠近的主语保持一致:Mary neither likes maths nor (likes) history. 玛丽既不喜欢数学也不喜欢历史。

    Neither Jim and Jack was at home. 吉姆和杰克都不在家。

    但在非正式文体中也可一律用复数:Neither Jim and Jack were at home. 吉姆和杰克都不在家。

2."Otherwise," said the Justice, looking severely over his glasses, "you are in contempt of Court."

in contempt of蔑视,不顾

例句:He rushed forward in contempt of danger.

3.But he reached out his big hand and took Ariela's thin one.

reach out伸手,向…伸出援助之手

例句:I reached out a hand and caught the ball.