Children's Story: 'Pecos Bill'

1.exaggerate v.夸大, 夸张

例句:She always exaggerates when she tells something she's done.
      每当她谈及自己所做的事时, 她总是言过其实。

2.extraordinary adj.意想不到的;令人惊奇的;奇怪的
例句:It's extraordinary that he managed to sleep through the party.

3.adventure n.冒险活动; 冒险经历; 奇遇

例句:All the children listened to his adventures with eager attention.

4.hunger vi.渴望

例句:The unemployed hunger for jobs.


例句:In the end they were forced to surrender.

      He voluntarily surrendered himself to the police.

6.wrap vt.包, 裹; 卷

例句:You'd better wrap it with a piece of clean cloth.

1.It all started after his father decided that there was no longer enough room in east Texas for his family.

no longer

(1) 用作副词表示时间上的“不再”,可用no longer, not…any longer, not…any more:

He knows that he is no longer young. 他知道自己不再年轻。

She could no longer go to school. 她不再能上学了。

This is no longer a distant dream. 这已不再是遥远的梦。

I can’t wait any longer. 我不能再等了。

I am not concerned with that matter any longer. 我不再和这事有关。

You won’t ever see her any more. 你不会再见到她。

I just can’t stand this life any more. 我简直受不了这种生活。

We won’t have any more discussion about it. 我们将不再作更多讨论了。

We don’t live here any more [longer]. / We no longer live here. 我们不住在这里了。

He once knew her, but they are no longer friends. 他过去认识她,但现在不再是朋友了。

no longer 通常位于句中的实意动词之前,动词be、助动词和情态动词之后,有时也可位于句末或句首(用于句首时,其后用倒装语序):

He no longer loves her. / He loves her no longer. / No longer does he love her. 他再也不爱她了。

【注】原来no more 也可表示时间上的“不再”(但要与非延续性动词连用,且位于句末),但在现代英语中,no more 一般不这样用。

2. And as they set off across the wild country of west Texas, their mother and father could hardly hear a thing.

set off出发,动身,使爆炸,引起,使爆发,抵销,分开,衬托

例句:They set off in search of the lost child.

3.So Bill set out across the rough country to find this gang of men.

set out动身, 出发

例句:A visitor arrived just as we were setting out for the airport.

着手, 开始

例句:The government has set out to make many needed reforms.

4.After Bill walked another hundred miles, he came across an angry mountain lion.

come across偶然发现, 偶然遇见
例句:I came across him in the street yesterday.