Hip-Hop Goes Global to a Socially Active Beat

1.conscious adj.神志清醒的;有知觉的;有意识的
例句:She spoke to us in her conscious moments.

      He is badly hurt but still conscious.
      他伤得很重, 不过神志还清醒。

知道的; 注意到的;意识到

例句:I was not conscious of having made a mistake.

2.replace vt.取代, 代替; 更换, 替换, 更新

例句:He holds a theory that drinking alcohol before sleep can replace brushing his teeth.

3.interfer v.干涉,妨碍;介入

4.survive  vi.幸存, 活下来

例句:The two tribes consolidated to survive in wars.

1.At the age of six or seven years old, Emmanuel became a soldier for the Sudan People's Liberation Army.


(1) 一般直接用基数词表示,如:

Her daughter is eighteen. 她的女儿18岁。

(2) 用“基数词 + years old”表示,有时可将years old 换成years of age。如:

Her daughter is eighteen years old. / Her daughter is eighteen years of age. 她的女儿18岁。

(3) 用“at the age of +基数词”表示。如:

Her daughter got married at the age of eighteen. 她的女儿18岁就结了婚。

(4) 用“基数词-year-old”表示,此结构常做(前置)定语。如:

Her 18-year-old daughter is now in the university. 他18岁的女儿现在上大学。

(5) 用“of + 基数词”表示,此结构常做后置定语。如:

Her daughter is now a pretty girl of 18. 她女儿现在一个18岁的美少女了。

(6)  用“aged +基数词”表示,此结构常做后置定语。如:

Lying on the floor was a boy aged about seventeen. 躺在地板上的是一个约莫十七岁的男孩。

(7)  用“be in one’s +几十的复数形式”表示某人大概的年龄。如:

He went to the United States in his fifties. 他五十多岁时去了美国。

2.To help him recover from what he experienced as a child, Emmanuel Jal began singing. When he was in school in Kenya, he fell in love with hip-hop.

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