This is the VOA Special English Economics Report.

    Greece has approved a plan to raise taxes, cut spending and sell government-owned assets. This clears the way for seventeen billion dollars in loans from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. The loans are a share of the one-hundred-fifty-six-billion-dollar rescue deal that Greece secured last year.

    The money will help the government to operate and pay its debts until the middle of September. But the austerity plan led to a national strike on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with violent demonstrations in Athens.

    Several hundred protesters and police were injured.

    The Greek parliament approved the forty-billion-dollar plan on Wednesday and the details on Thursday. Prime Minister George Papandreou won more support than expected for his proposals. He appealed to parliament to do everything possible to avoid defaulting on the debts of the birthplace of democracy.
    希腊议会周三批准了这项400亿美元的计划,并于周四通过了该计划的具体细节。希腊总理乔治·帕潘德里欧(George Papandreou)的这项提案获得的支持远超预期。他呼吁议会尽一切可能避免作为民主发源地的希腊拖欠债务。

    Greece is expected to seek more international help, even though years of government borrowing led to the crisis.

    Many protesters said their government is making decisions that serve the interests of wealthy nations.

    WOMAN: "I want to feel Greek again. But I'm not Greek. I'm German, I'm American. I don't know what I am."

    But other Greeks, including this man, see the need for austerity.

    MAN: "I think the policies are a good step towards finding common ground with the European Union, which is I think a vision that all Greeks should aspire to. I don't think any country can operate in isolation these days, especially a country the size of Greece."

    Also this week, the International Monetary Fund chose French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde as managing director. Ms. Lagarde received support from the United States and European nations as well as Russia, Brazil and China. Her five-year term starts Tuesday.
    同样是在本周,国际货币基金组织(简称IMF)同意法国财长克里斯汀·拉加德(Christine Lagarde)出任新总裁。拉加德女士得到了美国、欧洲各国以及俄罗斯、巴西和中国的支持。她的五年任期将于下周二开始。

    Dominique Strauss-Khan had to resign in May. He is under house arrest in New York, charged with sexually attacking a hotel maid. He denies the charges.
    国际货币基金组织前总裁多米尼克·斯特劳斯-卡恩(Dominique Strauss-Khan)五月被迫辞职。他被指控性侵犯一名酒店女佣,现被软禁于纽约。他否认了这项指控。

    The international lender has always been led by a European, but Ms. Lagarde will be the first woman.

    Ms. Lagarde has promised to be a strong voice for developing countries, especially in Asia and Africa. But international monetary expert Domenico Lombardi says being a European will also help.
    拉加德承诺将成为发展中国家,特别是亚、非地区的发展中国家的坚实后盾。但国际货币专家多梅尼科·隆巴迪(Domenico Lombardi)表示,拉加德身为欧洲人(对成功当选IMF总裁)也有帮助。

    DOMENICO LOMBARDI: "And one key factor in guiding this decision is certainly the ability for Christine Lagarde as a European coming from a key euro area country to exert pressure, leverage on her European fellow finance ministers in terms of taking a more aggressive stance on the European crisis."