Eartha Kitt, 1927-2008: Singer, Actress and “Catwoman”

    1.ancestry n.祖先, 世系, 名门出身

    2.unforgettable a.忘不了的, 令人难忘的

    例句:Come visit me in Africa if you can, it will be an unforgettable experience.

    3.outwit vt.瞒骗, 以智取胜

    例句:This was a crafty manoeuvre to outwit his pursuers.

    4.luncheon n.午宴, 午餐会

    5.rebel vi.造反, 反抗, 抵抗, 反感


    1.Eartha Kitt lived on the streets and worked in a factory as a young teenager. But she kept up her dance lessons.

    keep up不低落, 维持, 继续

    例句:Keep up in a race

    2. One day she decided to try out for a famous African-American dance company.

    try out试验, 提炼

    例句:The hockey coach’s recognition of his talents got him a try out for the team.

    3.In nineteen sixty-eight Eartha Kitt was invited to the White House. President Lyndon Johnson was in office and the Vietnam War was an issue of national dispute.

    in office在职,当权

    例句:The Green party has been in office for the last six years.


    Eartha Kitt,全名Eartha Mae Kitt ,1927年1月17日生于美国,是美国著名的演员、歌手和卡巴莱舞明星。提到Eartha Kitt,人们首先想到的是她在60年代的电视连续剧《勤务兵》中出演的角色Catwoman 和她在1953年演唱的圣诞歌曲Santa Baby。Orson Welles 曾经称她是“世界是上最性感的女人”。