Michael Jackson, 1958-2009: He Amazed the World With His Music and Dancing

    1.energetic a.精力充沛的, 积极的

    例句:He's a broad-minded, energetic and cheerful person.

    2.complex adj.复杂的, 合成的, 综合的

    例句:I had to study Marxism in university, and his complex ideas and writings always confused me.

    3.extraordinary a.非常的, 特别的, 非凡的

    例句:Maria Curie won the Nobel Prizes due to her extraordinary achievement in the field of radioactivity.

    4.remarkable a.不平常的, 值得注意的, 显著的

    例句:The unearthing of "Peking Man" was a remarkable discovery.

    5.childlike a.孩子似的, 天真烂漫的

    例句:He never forgets to ask for the credit after he does a good deed, it is childlike.

    6.mourn v.哀悼, 忧伤, 服丧

    例句:Today we come sorrowfully to mourn our teacher.

    1.In nineteen ninety-three, a thirteen-year-old boy accused him of sexual abuse.

    accuse of控告

    例句:You always accuse others of following traditions. Actually you are the same.

    2.He returned to the United States with the aim of planning what was to be a victorious comeback.

    with the aim of为了

    例句:He started with the aim of injuring others only to end up by ruining himself.