Clara Barton,1821-1912: A Life of Caring for Others

1.involved a.难懂的, 复杂的, 不易懂的, 卷入...之中的, 累及..., 与...有关, 被纠缠的

例句:You are merely involved in the project as my assistant.

2.extremely ad.极端地, 非常地

例句:These paintings by Van Gogh are extremely valuable.

3.fierce a.凶猛的, 猛烈的, 热烈的, 暴躁的

例句:They finally surrendered after the fierce attack.

4.honorable a.值得尊敬的, 荣耀的, 高贵的

例句:Since putting on that green military uniform, he has become an honorable soldier.

5.bearable a.可忍受的, 支承得住的

例句:The pain was just bearable.

1.In those days, most women were expected to marry, have children and stay home to take care of them.

take care of照顾

例句:You are a girl, so you should take care of your nails.

2. And she was very good at it.

be good at擅长

例句:The new secretary must know English and be good at taking dictation.

3.Not long after, she left her office job. She became a full-time nurse for the wounded on their way from the fields of battle to the hospital.

not long after不久以后

例句:This morning I saw a big car crash next to the bus station. Not long after, 50 people were there watching.