Cesar Chavez, 1927- 1993: He Organized the First Successful Farm Workers Union in America

1.migrant n. 候鸟,移居者

例句:With the support of the government, it is no longer so hard to defend the rights of migrant workers.

2.permanent a. 永久的,不变的,固定的

例句:The incident left permanent traces on his mind.

3.boycott n. 拒绝购买,抵制,联合抵制

4.worsen v.变得更坏,恶化

例句:The general condition is bettering instead of worsening.

1.He then became a migrant farm worker along with the rest of his family.

along with与…一道,和,同

例句:Thunder comes along with lightning.

      He has a genius for getting along with children.

2.In order to support their eight children, she worked under the same bad conditions that Mister Chavez was fighting against.

under conditions在……情况下

例句:Under given conditions, bad things can be turned into good things.

3.The union then took action against Giumarra Vineyards Corporation, the largest producer of table grapes in the United States.

take action采取行动,提出诉讼

例句:They took resolute and daring action.