Jack Benny, 1894-1974: He Won Hearts Mostly by Making Fun of Himself

1.vaudeville n.轻歌舞剧,轻音乐喜剧,杂耍

例句:The standard length of a vaudeville act was 12 minutes.

2.considerable a.相当的,可观的,重要的;相当大的;相当多的

例句:The proposed cuts have caused considerable controversy.

3.present v.赠送,呈现,提出,提交

例句:The difficult problem present by him entangle the conferee.

4.stingy a.小气的,吝啬的,缺乏的,有刺的

例句:After the death of his stingy wife,Edward loosened up a great deal.

5.refusal n. 拒绝,推却,优先决定权

例句:The plan was doomed to fail by their refusal to give it any financial support.
      由于他们拒绝给予任何资助, 该计划注定要失败。

1.Jack Benny became famous nationwide in the nineteen thirties as a result of his weekly radio program.

as a result of作为…的结果,由于

例句:The project foundered as a result of lack of finance.

2.Jack Benny won the hearts of Americans by making fun of himself.

make fun of嘲笑,嘲弄,取笑

例句:He liked to make fun of the way that she walked.

3.As long as people think the show is funny, it does not matter who tells the jokes.

as long as只要,在...的时候

例句:I'll never forget that as long as I am living.