Betty Friedan,1921-2006: A Leader of the Modern Women’s Rights Movement

1.influential adj.有很大影响的,有权势的,有支配力的

例句:He is a very influential man in the government.

      The fact is influential in reaching a decision.

2.gain获得, 赢得

例句:The man gained a lot in the business, but he lost the respect of his friends.
      那个人做这买卖赚了很多钱, 但他却失去了朋友们对他的尊敬。

3.intellectual adj.智力的; 理智的, 善于思维的

例句:Maths is an intellectual exercise.

4.dismiss vt.解雇; 撤职; 开除

例句:The new governor dismissed the staff that served his predecessor.

5.combine vt.使结合,使联合;兼有,兼备;使化合

例句:It would be more profitable to combine the two factories.

6.amendment n.(法律、文件的)改动,修正案,修改,修订

例句:The amendment was rejected by 207 voters to 143.

1.The book said women suffered from feelings of lack of worth. Friedan said this was because the women depended on their husbands for economic, emotional and intellectual support.

suffer from因…而受罚(苦, 损); 因...而更糟; 受...之苦

例句:Sometimes I still suffer from these weaknesses.

depend on依赖, 依靠

例句:You can't depend on your parents forever.

2. But she also made many men feel threatened. Later, critics said her book only dealt with the problems of white, educated, wealthy, married women.

deal with惠顾; 与…交易, 和…做买卖,关于

例句:We have dealt with that firm for many years.

      They often dealt with that shop.

3.However, only thirty-five states approved the amendment by the deadline so it never went into effect.

go into effect生效

例句:The standard is slated to go into effect next year.