Arthur Ashe, 1943-1993: Tennis Champion and Civil Rights Activist

1.honor v.尊敬,授予荣誉,承兑,实践

例句:Thank you every one of the honored guests.

2.count v.有价值, 有重要意义

例句:Quality counts above origin.

      It is not how much you read but what you read that counts.

3.permit允许; 许可

例句:I would like to do it with you, but I am not sure whether my parents permit.
      我愿意和你一起做, 但不知我父母是否允许。

      We will have our meeting here, if you permit us.
      如果你允许的话, 我们的会就在这里开。

4.oppress v.压迫, 压制

例句:She is often oppressed by him.

1.He delayed the game. He called Ashe bad names.

call bad names说某人坏话,侮辱某人

2.I'd rather lose that than my self-respect.

would rather than宁愿,与其…不如…

例句:I would rather die than compromise.