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    The United States is seeking to build an international alliance to stop the threat from Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. The State Department announced this week that U.S. officials are working to put together a coalition of countries from Europe, the Arab world and other areas. The Department's Jen Psaki says these nations could work jointly against the militants in a number of ways.
    美国正力图建立国际联盟以阻止伊拉克和叙利亚境内的伊斯兰国武装分子的威胁。美国国务院本周宣布,美国官员正致力于同欧洲、阿拉伯世界和其它地区的一些国家组成联盟。美国国务院的珍·帕莎琪(Jen Psaki)表示,这些国家可以以多种方式共同对抗武装分子。

    "There's humanitarian, military, intelligence, diplomatic, and we know this is an effort that is going to require a significant focus and ‘all hands on deck' – not just the United States, but a range of countries."

    The United States has begun flying military aircraft over Syria to watch Islamic State fighters. The Sunni Muslim extremists executed American reporter James Foley earlier this month.
    美国已经开始派遣战机在叙利亚上空飞行监视伊斯兰国武装分子。这些逊尼派极端分子在本月初处决了美国记者詹姆斯·福利(James Foley)。

    Since then, there have been mixed messages coming out of Washington about whether Islamic State militants could attack the United States. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has called the group, an "imminent threat." South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham warned that the militants are willing and able to "hit the homeland." But are these threats overstated?

    At least one terrorism expert has noted stronger ties between the Islamic State and the group called al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. Max Abrahms teaches at Northeastern University in Massachusetts. He says al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula may be smaller than the Islamic State, but he thinks it is better at making bombs. He says the concern is that the IS militants may be influenced by the al-Qaida group and then strike Western countries.
    至少有一位反恐专家已经注意到伊斯兰国武装分子和阿拉伯半岛基地组织之间的紧密联系。麦克斯·阿布拉姆斯(Max Abrahms)在美国马萨诸塞州的东北大学任教。他说,阿拉伯半岛基地组织可能比伊斯兰国规模更小,但他认为基地组织更擅长制作炸弹。他说值得注意的是,伊斯兰国武装分子可能受到基地组织影响,然后打击西方国家。

    But other experts believe it is too soon to talk about threats to the U.S. "homeland." Daniel Benjamin formerly served as the State Department's anti-terrorism coordinator during the presidency of Bill Clinton.
    但也有专家认为,现在谈论美国本土威胁尚为时过早。丹尼尔·本杰明(Daniel Benjamin)曾在克林顿总统任期内担任美国国务院的反恐协调员。

    "At this point, this group is overwhelmingly an insurgent group focused on holding territory in Iraq, in killing Shi'a and in stoking the sectarian conflict in that region."

    Daniel Benjamin says the Islamic State has no experience with what he calls "out-of-the-area attacks." He adds that such attacks are much more difficult to carry out than most people realize.

    "It takes a great deal of training and practice and expertise. It takes people who understand how to deal with masking their identities, with exercising a great deal of communications security and other aspects of operational security."

    He also says the United States has time to develop a long-term plan for containing and limiting the ability of Islamic State fighters.

    The U.S. military has helped Iraqi and Kurdish forces regain territory captured by the fighters. The military also has increased airstrikes against the IS forces in Iraq.

    For days, U.S. officials have talked about expanding the airstrikes to Syria. It appears, however, that such action may be delayed. On Thursday, President Barack Obama told reporters that he is still developing a plan to deal with the militants.

    The government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said it welcomes U.S. help with the Islamic State. But Syria has warned that bombing IS targets without its permission would represent an "act of aggression."

    The Obama administration rejected the idea that it is cooperating with the Assad government. Syrian rebels have been fighting government forces for more than three years. The United Nations says more than 191,000 people have been killed since the conflict began.

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