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    This week, a lawyer for an Indian diplomat asked a court in the United States to dismiss immigration and employment charges against her. Devyani Khobragade served as Deputy Counsel General at India's consulate in New York City. She is accused of making false statements when she sought permission to bring an Indian national to the US to serve as her housekeeper. She also is charged with paying the woman less than the lowest wage permitted under US law.
    本周,一位印度外交官的律师要求美国法院驳回针对她的移民和就业控告。德夫亚尼·科布拉加德(Devyani Khobragade)担任印度驻纽约总领馆副总领事。她被控在寻求将一位印度公民带到美国作为她的管家时做出了虚假陈述。她还被指控付给这位女管家的工资低于美国法律规定的最低标准。

    The case has angered a lot of people in India and led to anti-American demonstrations. The dispute began when US police arrested Ms. Khobragade last month after she dropped off her daughter at school. Police searched the 39-year-old diplomat for weapons possibly hidden inside her clothing. They forced her to wear handcuffs. Later, she was jailed in a room with drug suspects.


    Ms. Khobragade was released after a court appearance.

    The judge agreed to free the diplomat in exchange for her promise to return for trial and a bail payment of $250,000. Ms. Khobragade told the court she was not guilty of the charges. She is accused of paying the housekeeper less than two dollars an hour and making her work as many as 100 hours a week. In official documents, she promised to pay $4,500 in monthly wages to the housekeeper. Instead, the woman received only $537 a month.

    Some Indians have described the diplomat's treatment by police as shameful. Salman Khurshid is India's Foreign Minister.

    "We feel a very extreme level of distress in terms of human element that is involved."

    Another official, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, cancelled his meeting with a five-member US congressional delegation. But the diplomatic dispute did not end there. The Indian government asked the US embassy to withdraw one of its officers. It also removed security barriers from outside the embassy, ordered a suspension of some diplomatic activities, and took back airport passes.
    另一位官员,印度内政部长苏希尔·库马尔辛德( Sushil Kumar Shinde)取消了他和美国国会一个五人代表团的会面。但这起外交纠纷并未就此结束。印度政府要求美国大使馆撤回一位高级职员,还拆除了(美国驻印度)使馆外的安全路障,下令暂停一些外交活动,并收回(发放给美国使馆人员的)机场通行证。

    An American law professor says India's government has overreacted. Thomas McDonnell teaches at Pace University Law School.
    美国一位法学教授表示,印度政府已经反应过度。托马斯·麦克唐纳(Thomas McDonnell)在佩斯大学法学院任教。

    "The idea of removing the concrete barriers in front of our embassy that protect our ambassador and other officials from a terrorist attack seems extraordinarily out of proportion."

    US officials say New York police followed standard rules in making the arrest. One question is whether Devyani Khobragade had special rights as a diplomat. But a State Department official said she did not have the top level of diplomatic immunity.

    American media and other groups have been following the case. Jo Becker works for Human Rights Watch.
    美国媒体和其它组织一直在追踪这起案件。乔·贝克尔(Jo Becker)就职于人权观察组织。

    "The diplomat has been charged with a felony and there has been a big uproar over her treatment. But the controversy had completely overshadowed the exploitation of her employee and similar abuses against millions of domestic workers that happen worldwide every single day".

    Ms. Becker noted that Secretary of State John Kerry called a top Indian official to express regret over the incident. Yet US officials say the charges against Ms. Khobragade will not be dropped, and that she would face them if she returns.