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    An Egyptian judge this week ordered the continued detention of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. The official MENA news agency says Mr. Morsi has been detained for 15 days for investigation of suspected links to the Palestinian militant group Hamas. He is accused of working with Hamas to attack police stations two years ago during the rebellion that ousted then-president Hosni Mubarak.
    本周,一名埃及法官下令继续拘押被赶下台的总统穆罕默德·穆尔西(Mohamed Morsi)。埃及官方的中东通讯社表示,穆尔西已经被拘留15天,以调查他和巴勒斯坦激进组织哈马斯之间的可疑联系。穆尔西被指控在两年前推翻当时的总统穆巴拉克的叛乱中,同哈马斯合作袭击警察局。

    Mr. Morsi has been held without charge since July 3rd, when he was removed by Egypt's military. The court order came as his supporters and opponents held competing protests on Friday.

    Many Egyptians have been killed in political violence in recent weeks. On Wednesday, the United States announced it was delaying a planned shipment of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt. Defense Department spokesman George Little noted what he called the "fluid situation" in the country.
    最近几个星期,很多埃及人在政治暴力中丧生。周三,美国宣布推迟原计划向埃及交运的四架F-16战斗机。美国国防部发言人乔治·利特尔(George Little)指出了埃及所谓的动荡局势。

    "Given the current situation in Egypt, we do not believe it is appropriate to move forward at this time with the delivery of F-16s."

    Some American lawmakers have been calling for a suspension of American aid to Egypt. The calls began after the removal of Mr. Morsi, who was the country's first democratically elected president.

    The United States provides $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt each year. Obama administration officials have repeatedly said it is not in America's best interests to cut off aid to Egypt. Experts note the country has severe economic problems, including high unemployment and inflation.

    Many American observers say the United States has little influence over what is happening or will happen in Egypt. Jeffrey Martini is with the RAND Corporation. He says one reason for the lack of influence is a reduction in American economic aid to Egypt over the years.
    许多美国观察家表示,美国对埃及的现状与未来不具备很大的影响力。杰弗里·马丁尼(Jeffrey Martini)就职于兰德公司。他表示,缺乏影响力的原因之一是多年来美国对埃及经济援助的减少。(51VOA注:兰德公司是美国著名智库,我们常听到的智库还包括下文提到的大西洋理事会,以及布鲁金斯学会,对外关系委员会等。)

    "In the mid-1980s, the total aid flow to Egypt from the United States was equivalent to about seven percent of Egypt's economy. That would give you a lot of leverage. Today, it's about point-seven percent. So a 10-fold drop as compared to the size of the Egyptian economy. So you don't get much leverage when you're looking at aid flows of point-seven percent the size of the Egyptian economy."

    Brent Scowcroft served as national security advisor to two American presidents. He says the United States must help in developing a plan to re-establish Egypt's economic and political security.
    曾为两任总统担任国家安全顾问的布伦特·斯考克罗夫特(Brent Scowcroft)表示,美国必须帮助制定一项计划,以重建埃及的经济和政治安全。

    "What's needed now is to put together a structure which can complete the building of an Egyptian political system. That is, with a constitution, with elections, with governments that broadly reflect the interests of the electorate."

    Mr. Scowcroft says a secure Egypt is important for the Middle East. Without a successful Egypt, he says, the area has a serious problem. Other observers agree. Mirette Mabrouk is with the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East.
    斯考克罗夫特表示,一个稳定的埃及对中东来说非常重要。他说,如果埃及不成功,该地区就会面临严重问题。其他观察家对此表示同意。米瑞特·马布鲁克(Mirette Mabrouk)就职于美国大西洋理事会的中东拉菲克·哈里里中心。

    "A stable, prosperous, if you like, but certainly stable and healthy Egypt is absolutely vital to the Middle East. Otherwise, frankly, no one would care. If Egypt were irrelevant, then people would not be paying attention. People pay attention because Egypt is vital."

    She and others say the United States and other countries should not get directly involved in Egypt and instead let the Egyptian political process take its course.