Geneva Auto Show Presents Cars of the Future

    13 April, 2014


    From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report.

    Many automobile makers present their newest designs at car shows around the world. Many designers seek to create the car of the future. One device that is popular among car manufacturers is an autopilot. Autopilot permits a car to drive itself without human control.

    A recent car show in Geneva, Switzerland also presented other possible designs, including cars manufactured in 3D printers.

    Geneva Auto Show Presents Cars of the Future
    Rinspeed Car

    Rinspeed is a Swiss design company. It demonstrated a vehicle based on the U.S. electric car Tesla Model S, but the Rinspeed car includes a large television and an espresso coffee maker.

    Frank Rinderknecht is the chief executive officer of Rinspeed. He says he does not want to just sit and watch the steering wheel turn as he rides in a car with autopilot.

    "I want to ride, I want to sleep, relax, watch movies, news, anything else. So that's the vision which we have. That one day on the boring motorway traffic, you just do anything which makes your life better," said Rinderknecht.

    One of the most interesting ideas presented at the show is a car built on a 3D printer. The German engineering firm EDAG designed the car. The body of the vehicle called 'Genesis' is printed in one piece from a material called thermoplastic.

    Cristoph Horvath is a spokesman for EDAG.

    "To create a car without the use of any tool. This would be a real revolution for the industry," said Horvath.

    EDAG says it based its design on a turtle shell. The company says the design provides the right amount of strength and firmness.

    Other automakers did not look so far into the future. Czech automaker Skoda presented its 'Vision C' model vehicle. The car has an environmentally friendly natural gas engine.

    Jo Davidson is a company spokeswoman. She says the car releases very low levels of the pollutant gas CO2. Ms Davidson says the 'Vision C' plans to be launched in two years.

    The Swedish company Volvo presented its so called Estate Concept car. Cecilia Stark is the design manager for Volvo. She says their design is all about comfort and creativity.

    "It's to show the Scandinavian arts and crafts and music scene, and fashion and things like that. To be emotional, expressive, charm-full," said Stark.

    But the car also has high level technology. All the controls in this car can be operated by voice or a large touch screen. Experts say the idea is close to being ready for sale to the public.

    And that's the VOA Learning English Technology Report. For more technology stories, go to our website I'm Jonathan Evans.