At Least 33 Dead in Ukraine Mine Explosion

    04 March, 2015

    At least 33 miners are confirmed dead from an explosion Wednesday at a coal mine in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

    Mine officials say excess methane gas likely caused the explosion. They said the incident was not linked to fighting in the area between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces.

    At least 15 injured miners are being treated at a nearby hospital. Most are suffering from severe burns, smoke inhalation and shock.

    At Least 33 Dead in Ukraine Mine Explosion
    Ukrainian coal miners wait for a bus after exiting the underground of the Zasyadko mine in Donetsk, Ukraine, March 4, 2015.

    Justice Department releases Ferguson report

    The U.S. Justice Department released a report Wednesday about the police department in the U.S. city of Ferguson, Missouri.

    The report is the result of a six-month investigation. Officials launched it after the shooting death August 9 of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. He has since resigned.

    The Justice Department says it will not bring civil rights charges against the former officer. But it says investigators found that Ferguson police often violated the constitutional rights of black citizens. The report says officers used excessive force against them and made arrests without probable cause.

    China to increase military spending

    China announced Wednesday it will increase its military spending by 10 percent this year. The total would amount to $145 billion in 2015.

    China has increased its military budget by ten percent or more for the last four years.

    China has the world's largest military, with 2.3 million members.

    Mexico captures Zetas drug leader

    Mexican security forces arrested the leader of the Zetas illegal drug cartel Wednesday. Omar Trevino was seized in the northern city of Monterrey, a top government official said.

    His arrest came just days after the capture of Servando Gomez, leader of the Knights Templar crime group. He was the most wanted illegal drug criminal in Mexico.


    Words in the News

    excess n. an amount that is more than the usual or necessary amount

    inhalev. to breathe in

    excessiveadj. going beyond what is usual, normal, or proper

    cartel n. a group of businesses that agree to fix prices so they all will make more money