苹果公司发布其最新产品Apple Watch

    Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, showed off their newest device, the Apple Watch. Mr. Cook said it is the "most personal" device Apple has ever created.
    苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)展示了该公司最新的设备Apple Watch。库克先生表示,这是苹果有史以来创造的最个性的设备。

    The Apple Watch is a miniature, or very small, computer a person wears on his or her wrist. There will be three models with straps to attach them to your wrist. An Apple Watch will be able to do many of the same things as an iPhone. It will show email, texts, news, health readings and other information. These apps will be customized for the watch. It will be different than just seeing what is on your phone.
    Apple Watch是一台用户戴到手腕上的微型电脑,它将有配备不同表带的三款产品。Apple Watch将能实现大部分类似iPhone手机的功能。它能显示电子邮件、短信、新闻、健康数据和其它信息。这些程序是为Apple Watch专门定制,它们会和IPhone手机上看到的有所不同。

    Like a phone, you will be able to receive calls on your wrist. Mr. Cook smiled while describing this. "I've been wanting to do this since I was five years old," he said. "The day is finally here." Decades ago, a comic strip hero named Dick Tracy talked into his wrist watch, but until now, that has only been something possible in the future.
    就像一台手机,你能够在手腕上接听电话。库克先生谈到这里时微微一笑。他说,“我从5岁开始一直想要做到这点,这一天终于来临了。”几十年前,一位名为迪克·特雷(Dick Tracy)的连环漫画英雄人物对着腕表说话,但截至目前,那只能是未来才有可能的事情。

    Mr. Cook also said it is "incredibly intimate." He said you can capture and send your heartbeat to another person with an Apple Watch.
    库克先生还表示它“极其亲密。”他说,你可以捕捉并发送你的心跳到另一用户的Apple Watch。

    "This is an incredibly intimate way to tell someone that you are thinking about them," he said. "I hope someone sends me one of those.

    The crown of the Apple Watch is what sets this Apple product apart from other companies' smartwatches. Like the touch screen on smartphones, the crown controls what you can do. By turning the crown on an Apple Watch, one can zoom in and out, to look at a map, for example.
    Apple Watch的表冠将这种苹果产品与其它公司的智能手表区分开。跟智能手机的触摸屏一样,表冠决定你能做什么。通过转动Apple Watch上的表冠可以实现缩放功能,例如在查看地图时缩放地图。

    The watches will be available in stores in late April. They will be sold at different prices, beginning at $349. Mr. Cook called the high-end model, the one made of 18-karat gold, "jaw dropping beautiful." Its price tag will be thousands of dollars.

    "The biggest surprise to me was that the price range goes up to $10,000 for the Apple Edition Watch," writes tech blogger Carolyn Nicander Mohr of The Wonder of Tech. "That price is quite steep for technology that may be obsolete in a year."
    The Wonder of Tech网站的科技博客卡罗琳·尼坎德·莫尔(Carolyn Nicander Mohr)写道,“对我来说最大的意外是苹果Edition版手表价格区间上升到了1万美元。该价格对一种可能在一年内过时的科技产品来说太高了。”

    Apple hopes to excite consumers so they will want to buy and wear computers on their bodies. The first smartwatches from Samsung, Sony and LG have not been selling well. Only five million smartwatches were sold last year, according to Strategy Analytics. Another wearable computer, Google Glass eyewear, is no longer on the market.
    苹果公司希望激发消费者,这样他们就会想要购买和佩戴这种随身电脑。三星、索尼和LG的第一款智能手表销量都不好。根据Strategy Analytics的数据,去年只卖出了500万台智能手表。另一款穿戴式电脑谷歌眼镜已经退市。

    Critics say one problem with Apple Watch is that you need an iPhone on your body, or nearby, to make this watch fully functional. Like a phone, it will also need to be charged each night. It remains to be seen whether people really want to carry both a smartphone and a smartwatch.
    批评人士表示,Apple Watch的问题之一在于手机必须在身上或在附近才能实现这种手表的全部功能。和手机一样它也需要每天晚上充电。人们是否真的需要同时携带智能手机和智能手表尚有待观察。

    Apple has overcome skeptics before. Both computer tablets and smartphones were not popular until Apple released the iPad and iPhones.

    The announcement today comes after last week's news that Apple will replace AT&T on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Dow Jones index includes the top 30 companies representing the U.S. economy and markets.

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