Some Places Offer Trips to the Unknown

    11 November, 2019

    When Dena Espenscheid answered an advertisement on social media, her sister warned her that she could have problems.

    The ad was a weekend vacation to an unknown destination.

    FILE - Tourist Cindy Huyzen poses for her husband, Michael Huyzen, while visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 19, 2015.
    FILE - Tourist Cindy Huyzen poses for her husband, Michael Huyzen, while visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 19, 2015.

    The offer was not only real, but also a lot of fun. In fact, Espenscheid told The Associated Press that she "had a blast."

    The West Virginia Division of Tourism organized the free trip earlier this month. The goal was to advertise West Virginia as a perfect place to visit during the autumn months.

    The social media ad said next to nothing about the destination. It suggested only that people wear layered clothes and strong footwear. It also recommended they have a sense of adventure.

    Mystery trips becoming more popular

    In parts of the United States, mystery trips have grown into their own industry. Whether traveling by bus, train or airplane, these vacations have different lengths, costs and destinations.

    Often, organizers give people a general idea about where they are going. But sometimes they do not.

    Denise Chaykun Weaver started Magical Mystery Tours nearly 10 years ago. Her company now helps to plan hundreds of trips every year.

    "There's this magical thing about a mystery trip in that you don't have control. You don't know where you're going," she said. "Surprises are really fun."

    Other companies offering mystery tours include Pink Bus Mystery Trips, Pack Up + Go and SurpriseMeTrips. Rustic Pathways specializes in summer group tour packages for students.

    Mystery is part of the adventure

    The group Dena Espenscheid went with enjoyed dinner, nature and horseback riding. They visited the former coal mining and timber towns of Davis and Thomas. They watched musical acts at a former general store and spent the night at Canaan Valley Resort and Conference Center.

    By sunset the following night, Espenscheid was back home, and her sister did not have to worry any longer.

    "I would absolutely do it again," Espenscheid said. "It got me out of my comfort zone. If I can sign up for another destination unknown where I'm not planning anything? It's part of the adventure."

    I'm John Russell.

    John Raby reported on this story for the Associated Press. John Russell adapted the story for VOA Learning English. George Grow was the editor.


    Words in This Story

    destination – n. the place where someone is going or being sent

    blast – n. informal a very enjoyable and exciting experience

    adventuren. an exciting or unusual activity

    layer – v. a covering piece of material or a part that lies over or under another

    packagen. collection; a set of terms or proposals offered as a whole

    timber – n. trees that are grown in order to produce wood

    comfort – adj. involving physical ease and freedom from pain

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