At least 130 people are confirmed dead in Pakistan after Taliban militants raided an army-operated school. The raid happened Tuesday in the northwestern city of Peshawar. The militants wore military clothing and carried explosive devices.

    Most of the victims were students. A local official said more than 100 people were wounded. An army spokesman says security forces killed at least six militants.

    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the raid, calling it a "national tragedy." The Pakistani leader has declared three days of national mourning. He promised to continue military operations against the militants.
    巴基斯坦总理纳瓦兹·谢里夫(Nawaz Sharif)谴责这次袭击,称其为一场“国家悲剧。”这位巴基斯坦领导人已经宣布全国哀悼三天。他承诺将继续开展军事行动打击武装分子。

    The top American diplomat in Pakistan -- Ambassador Richard Olson -- expressed sympathy with the country. He said "few have suffered more at the hands of terrorists and extremists than the people of Pakistan."
    美国驻巴基斯坦最高外交官,理查德·奥尔森(Richard Olson)大使对该国表示同情。他说,“巴基斯坦人民在恐怖分子和极端分子手中遭遇的苦难之深无人能比。”

    The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. It said the raid was meant to answer Pakistan's offensive against Taliban supporters in the country's northwestern tribal area. The area is a training ground and shelter for militants.

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has joined Australians in mourning the victims of a hostage-taking at a Sydney café. The incident ended when police officers raided the store. Two hostages and the hostage-taker were killed in a shootout with police.
    澳大利亚总理托尼·艾伯特(Tony Abbott)同澳大利亚人一起哀悼悉尼一家咖啡厅的人质受害者。这一事件以警察突击该店结束。在一场与警方的枪战中,两名人质和那位劫持者被击毙。

    The gunman was identified as 50-year-old Man Haron Monis. Mr. Abbott described the hostage-taking as the "sick fantasy of a disturbed individual." He said the Iranian-born suspect was well-known to Australian officials, but did not appear to be on a list of terrorists who officials watch closely. He said the suspect had a long history of crime, emotional problems and involvement in extremism.
    这名枪手被确认为50岁的曼·哈伦·莫尼斯(Man Haron Monis)。艾伯特先生称这次劫持人质是“一位精神病患者的古怪幻想。”他说,这位出生于伊朗的犯罪嫌疑人早为澳大利亚官员所熟知,但并未出现在有关方面严密监视的恐怖分子名单中。他说,嫌疑人长期存在犯罪和情绪问题,并涉嫌极端主义。

    The self-declared Muslim clergyman had been found guilty of sending threatening letters to the parents of Australian soldiers who died in Afghanistan. He was facing legal action related to the killing of his former wife in 2013.

    During the incident Monday, Man Haron Monis forced hostages to hold up a flag with an Islamic statement of faith. In statements to media, he said he supported the Islamic State militant group.

    Australian Muslim groups have condemned the hostage-taking and the use of the Islamic flag.

    Korean Air faces possible fines and flight suspensions because of the actions of former top airline official Heather Cho. She delayed a Korean Air flight earlier this month because she was unhappy with how she was served nuts.
    大韩航空可能因为航空公司前高级官员赵显娥(Heather Cho)的举动而面临罚款和停运。本月早些时候,赵显娥因为对坚果服务不满推迟了一架大韩航空航班起飞。

    South Korea's Transport Minister said on Tuesday it is studying possible measures to punish the company, which it said violated aviation law. The ministry said Korean Air could face up to a month of flight suspensions and a two million dollar fine.

    Ms. Cho is the daughter of the airline's chairman.

    She was sitting in the area of an airplane known as "first class" when she became angry that a flight attendant served her macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate. She forced the plane to return to the airport and expelled the cabin crew chief.

    Ms. Cho has been ousted of all her positions with Korean Air. Last week she apologized for her actions.

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