Top Technology Products at CES 2024

    10 January 2024

    One of the world's largest technology events, CES, is happening this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is produced by the Consumer Technology Association which is based in Arlington, Virginia. CES presents the latest technology offerings from companies across the world.

    Here is a look at some top products presented at CES 2024.

    Transparent televisions

    People look at an exhibit of LG Signature OLED T 4K transparent wireless TV's at the LG booth during the CES tech show Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)
    People look at an exhibit of LG Signature OLED T 4K transparent wireless TV's at the LG booth during the CES tech show Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

    Electronics manufacturers LG and Samsung brought televisions to CES that have a transparent screen design. The TVs use OLED technology. They are designed to be hidden in a room when not in use.

    David Park, from LG's Home Entertainment Division, described OLED to the Associated Press (AP) as a "material that we can print on any type of surface." In this case, Park said OLED was printed onto a piece of glass.

    When not in the transparent setting, the TVs have a traditional, black background. The companies presenting the TVs did not provide pricing information, but experts say the transparent models are likely to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

    AI for Hyundai and Kia vehicles

    South Korea's Samsung announced it was cooperating with automaker Hyundai to develop "home-to-car" and "car-to-home" services for all Hyundai and Kia vehicles.

    This artificial intelligence (AI)-powered system will permit users of Samsung's SmartThings service to remotely set their vehicle's temperature or open its windows. And users can control lights and connect to devices inside the home when inside the car.

    Car parking robot

    South Korean electric automotive company HL Mando demonstrated a parking robot called Parkie. It is designed to operate independently in parking structures. The robot can move underneath parked vehicles, lift the cars up and transport them to different spaces or return them to their drivers.

    Robot pet sitter

    Robotics developer Ogmen presented a new machine designed to assist pets. The ORo robot is equipped with a food container to feed animals. It can also play with pets, record health details and capture images and video of animals' daily activities.

    Body power to charge a phone

    Sports equipment developer LifeSpan introduced an exercise bicycle/desk combination that uses human power to charge phones or other devices. The Ampera bike is designed to be used with a "standing" desk table. LifeSpan says at a speed of 60 rpms, the bike can produce up to 65 watts of electricity per hour.

    Streaming from vinyl

    Record player manufacturer Victrola presented a new turntable model that can send, or stream, music to a sound system or personal device. The Sapphire player targets music lovers who favor vinyl over digital sound. It sells for about $1,500 and will go on sale in the spring.

    Add walking power

    South Korea's WIRobotics introduced a wearable robot that provides walking assistance to users. The company's WIM model is designed for anyone who feels the need for an extra "push" when walking. An online description explains the robot can help individuals "walk farther, faster and healthier." The price for such assistance is high, though, with the WIM selling for about $2,500.

    ‘Smart' mirror for better mental health

    French health product developer Baracoda presented what it described as "the world's first AI-powered smart mirror for mental wellness." The company's BMind model is built to work in any bathroom and does not need a device app to operate.

    The product was designed to use cameras and sensors to collect data on a person's movements, expressions and language. Creators of the device claim it can identify a user's moods and sense other possible mental health issues. The electronic mirror can then suggest different treatments or activities to help the user, or even guide forms of meditation.

    Homemade ice cream in 2 minutes

    The ColdSnap company introduced a machine that can make single servings of ice cream in about two minutes. The machine uses small containers, called pods, just like Keurig coffeemakers. The company points out the pods for its ColdSnap machine can be kept at room temperature, saving energy costs. The machines can be taken anywhere and are simple to operate.

    Robotic lawnmower

    Chinese robotics developer Mammotion demonstrated a new version of its self-driving lawnmower. The latest, all-wheel-drive Luba 2 includes new wireless abilities and tools to deal with obstacles in the grass. The robot mower is already available and sells for just over $2,000.

    I'm Bryan Lynn.

    Bryan Lynn wrote this story for VOA Learning English, based on reports from The Associated Press, Reuters and other online sources.


    Words in This Story

    transparent – adj. clear and easy to understand or recognize

    print – v. to produce writing or images on paper or other material with a machine

    remote – adj. from a distance or far away

    vinyl – n. a kind of very strong plastic that is used to produce records

    mirror – n. a piece of glass with a shiny metallic material on one side that produces an image of anything that is in front of it

    mood – n. the way someone feels at a particular time

    meditation – n. to think calming thoughts for a long period of time in order to relax or improve spirituality

    lawnmower – n. a motorized machine used for cutting grass

    obstacle – n. something that blocks movement or makes it difficult