Make a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal with Learning English

23 November, 2016

On Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November, most Americans gather with friends and family. They pause, reflect on their blessings, cook up a storm, and eat.

A lot.

The star of most Thanksgiving dinners is a roasted turkey. Many families add traditional side dishes, too, such as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and green bean casserole. A casserole is a dish that cooks slowly in an oven.

One of the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes is stuffing. Stuffing usually includes bread, celery, onions, and a thin soup called broth. The ingredients are mixed together and then put – or stuffed –into the hollow turkey.

Anna Mateo here at Learning English says the smell of turkey and stuffing roasting together is the quintessential smell of Thanksgiving for her. "Quintessential" means the perfect example of something.

The meal does not end with the turkey, stuffing, and side dishes, though.

The quintessential Thanksgiving dessert is pie. Pumpkin, cherry, apple or pecan pie are all popular ways to finish off Thanksgiving.

Before everyone takes a nap, that is.

Happy Thanksgiving to all from Learning English!

I'm Kelly Jean Kelly.

This report was adapted from the video. Ashley Thompson was the editor.


Words in This Story

up a storm – phrase. do something with energy and enthusiasm

dish – n. food prepared in a particular way

hollowadj. having nothing inside: not solid

nap – n. a short period of sleep especially during the day