词汇掌故:美国各州别名 1

    Now, the VOA Special English program WORDS AND THEIR STORIES.

    A nickname is a shortened form of a person's name. A nickname can also be a descriptive name for a person, place or thing.

    America's fifty states have some of the most historically interesting nicknames.

    Alabama is known as the Heart of Dixie because it is in the very middle of a group of states in the Deep South. Dixie itself is a nickname for the American South. It started when Louisiana printed notes with the French word for "ten" on them. "Deece," or D-I-X, led to "Dixie."
    阿拉巴马州被称为美国“南部各州的中心”(Heart of Dixie),因为它地处美国最南部各州的正中心。Dixie本身就是美国南部各州的别名。当路易斯安那州印票据时,将法语表示10的单词Deece(D-I-X)印到票据上。由Deece或D-I-X演变成了Dixie这个词。

    Way up north, Alaska is called the Last Frontier for understandable reasons. Near the Arctic Circle, it was the final part of the nation to be explored and settled.
    向北看,阿拉斯加州由于可以理解的原因,被称为最后的边疆(The Last Frontier)。它靠近北极圈,是美国拓疆的最后一块国土。

    Arizona is the Grand Canyon State because of the famous winding canyon carved by the Colorado River. The southern state of Arkansas is the Land of Opportunity. The state legislature chose this nickname. Arkansas is rich in natural resources and has become a favorite place for older people to retire.
    亚利桑那州(Arizona)被称为“大峡谷之州”(Grand Canyon),这里拥有著名的由科罗拉多河雕刻成的蜿蜒的峡谷。位于南部的阿肯色州被称为机会之乡(Land of Opportunity)。该州的立法机关确立了这个别名。阿肯色州自然资源丰富,现已成为老年人退休的最好去处。

    In a popular Spanish book, a fictional island called "California" was filled with gold. Sure enough, plenty of it was discovered in the real California, in eighteen forty-eight. This started a gold rush unlike any other in American history in the Golden State.
    在一部流行的西班牙书籍中,一座名为"California"的虚构的岛屿遍布黄金。1848年,现实存在的加利福尼亚州果然发现了大量黄金。从此,“金州”(Golden State)加利福尼亚开始了美国历史上从未有过的淘金热。

    You would think Colorado would be known as the Rocky Mountain State. But its nickname is the Centennial State. That is because it became a state in eighteen seventy-six, exactly one hundred years after the nation declared its independence.
    你可能会认为科罗拉多州的别名是“落基山之州”(Rocky Mountain State)。但是它的别名是“百年之州”(Centennial State)。因为1876年科罗拉多成为美国一州的时候,刚好是美国宣布独立一百周年。

    Connecticut is called the Nutmeg State after a spice. Connecticut Yankees, as people in this northeast state are called, are known to be smart in business. So smart that it was said they could sell wooden, meaning false, nutmegs to strangers.
    康乃狄格州因为一种香料被称为“肉豆蔻州” (Nutmeg State)。身处美国东北部的康涅狄格人被称为Connecticut Yankees,因其生意方面的精明广为人知。据说他们如此精明,以至于可以向陌生人成功兜售质量很差的肉豆蔻。

    Little Delaware is called the First State because it was the first state -- the first to approve the new United States Constitution.
    特拉华州被称为第一州(First State),因为它是美国第一个通过美国新宪法的州。

    The southern state of Florida likes to tell about its sunny days and fine beaches. So Florida is the Sunshine State. Florida's neighbor to the north grows some of the sweetest fruit in America. So Georgia is the Peach State.
    位于南部的佛罗里达州喜欢描述它的阳光明媚和金黄沙滩。所以佛罗里达也被称为“阳光之州”(Sunshine State)。邻近佛罗里达州北部的佐治亚州种植了一些美国最甜的水果,因此被称为“桃州”(Peach State)。

    Hawaii, far out in the Pacific Ocean, is the Aloha State. That is the friendly greeting that means both "hello" and "goodbye" in the native Hawaiian language. So, aloha for now. Next week we will tell you about the nicknames of more American states.
    远在太平洋的夏威夷别名是“阿洛哈州” (Aloha State)。在夏威夷土语中,Aloha是一句问候语,具有“你好”和“再见”的双重意思。那么,我们现在再见(aloha)!下周我们将继续讲述更多美国各州的别名。

      阿肯色(Arkansas): 奇迹州(Wonder State);机会之乡(Land of Opportunity)

      阿拉斯加(Alaska): 午夜出太阳之乡(Land of Midnight Sun);最后的边疆(the Last Fron tier);半岛州(Peninsula State)

      爱达荷(Idaho): 小锄州(Spud State);锅柄州(Panhandle State);宝石州(Gem State);山间宝石州(Gem of the Mountain)

      北达科他(North Dakota): 摇尾州(Flickertail State);老殖民地州(Old Colony State) ;苏族州(Sioux State)

      北卡罗来纳(North Carolina): 老北州(the Old North State);焦油脚跟州(Tar Heel State)

      宾夕法尼亚(Pennsylvania): 基石州(Keystone State)

      得克萨斯(Texas): 孤星州(Lone Star State)

      俄亥俄(Ohio): 七叶树州(Buckeye State)

      俄克拉荷马(Oklahoma): 快些州(Sooner State)

      俄勒冈(Oregon): 河狸州(Beaver State)

      佛罗里达(Florida): 阳光州(Sunshine State)

      佛蒙特(Vermont): 青山州(Green Mountain State)

      弗吉尼亚(Virginia): 总统的母亲(Mother of Presidents);骑兵州(Cavalier State);

      自治州(the Old Dominion State)

      怀俄明(Wyoming): 平等州(Equality State)

      华盛顿(Washington): 清努族州(Chinook State);常青州(Evergreen State)

      加利福尼亚(California): 黄金州(Golden State)

      堪萨斯(Kansas): 小麦州(Wheat State);废奴游击州(Jayhawk State);向日葵州(Sunflower State)

      康涅狄格(Connecticut): 痼习州(Land of Steady Habits);宪法州(Constitution State);肉豆蔻州(Nutmeg State)

      科罗拉多(Colorado): 百年纪念州(Centennial State);银州(Silver State)

      肯塔基(Kentucky): 莓草系州(Bluegrass State)

      路易斯安纳(Louisiana): 欧裔州(Creole State);蔗糖州(Sugar State);塘鹅州(Pelican State)

      罗得岛(Phode Island): 小罗得(Little Rhody)

      马里兰(Maryland): 老路线州(Old Line State);自由州(Free State)

      马萨诸塞(Massachusetts): 老殖民地州(Old Colony State);海湾州(Bay State)

      蒙大拿(Montana): 宝藏州(Treasure State);山区州(Mountain State)

      密苏里(Missouri): 别哄我州(Show-Me State)

      密西西比(Mississippi): 木兰州(Magnolia State)

      密执安(Michigan): 貂熊州(Wolverine State)

      缅因(Maine): 松树州(Pine Tree State)

      明尼苏达(Minnesota): 北极星州(North Star State);万湖州(Land of 10000 Lakes);金

      花鼠州(Gopher State)

      南达科他(South Dakota): 郊狼州(Coyote State);阳光州(Sunshine State)

      南卡罗来纳(South Carolina): 矮棕榈州(Palmetto State)

      内布拉斯加(Nebraska): 牛肉州(Beef State);玉米壳州(Cornhusker State)

      内华达(Nevada): 战火诞生州(Battle-Born State);艾草州(Sagebrush State);银州(Silver State)

      纽约(New York): 帝国州(Empire State)

      特拉华(Delaware): 蓝鸡州(Blue Hen State);第一州(First State);钻石州(Diamond State)

      田纳西(Tennessee): 志愿州(Volunteer State)

      犹他(Utah): 蜂窝州(Beehive State)

      威斯康星(Wisconsin): 獾州(Badger State)

      西弗吉尼亚(West Virginia): 山州(Mountain State)

      夏威夷(Hawaii): 太平洋上的天堂(Paradise of Pacific);阿洛哈州(Aloha State)

      新罕布什尔(New Hampshire): 花岗岩州(Granite State)

      新墨西哥(New Mexico): 迷人乡(Land of Enchantment);仙人掌州(Cactus State)

      新泽西(New Jersey): 花园州(Garden State)

      亚拉巴马(Alabama): 棉花州(Cotton State);黄锤州(Yellow Hammer State);狄西的心脏 (Heart of Dixie)

      亚利桑那(Arizona): 大峡谷州(Great Canyon State);落日州(Sunset State)

      依阿华(Iowa): 鹰眼州(Hawkeye State)

      伊利诺斯(Illinois): 林肯的故乡(Land of Lin coln);草原州(Prairie State)

      印第安纳(Indiana): 好大州(Hoosier State)

      佐治亚(Georgia): 南方帝国(Empire State of the South);桃州(Peach State)