Assisting Law Enforcement in Bangladesh

Mar 3, 2018

Law enforcement will have new tools in its efforts to serve the people of Bangladesh, thanks to the United States government's partnership with Bangladeshi law enforcement.

U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Bernicat was the Chief Guest at the “Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS DNA Database Training” graduation ceremony on February 22, 2018 for 21 Dhaka Metropolitan Criminal Investigation Department officers.At this event, Ambassador Bernicat formally gave the U.S.-purchased CODIS software to the Bangladesh National Police, which will enhance identification capability at their DNA laboratory.

Bangladesh Lady Justice
Bangladesh Lady Justice

CODIS is a software platform that blends forensic science and computer technology. DNA analysts use CODIS to search for and compare DNA profiles obtained from crime scene evidence against DNA profiles from other crime scenes and from convicted offenders and arrestees. This database can also assist in the identification of mass casualty victims.

In response to a request from the chief of CID, the United States International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, also known as ICITAP, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, sought and obtained U.S. Counterterrorism Bureau funding to provide Bangladesh with CODIS capabilities.

The FBI donated the CODIS software and the instructors for the week-long training. ICITAP provided the server, operating software licenses, and travel expenses for the trainers.

As the Chief Guest, Ambassador Bernicat stated that, “CODIS offers criminal justice practitioners new opportunities in their effort to promote and support the rule of law in Bangladesh. CODIS offers objective conclusions, rather than opinions. It will help convict the guilty, as well as exonerate the innocent. CODIS will help investigators seek the truth through solid, scientific facts, not conjecture.”

“Thank you for committing the time and energy to becoming practitioners of your craft so that you can better serve the people of Bangladesh,” said Ambassador Bernicat. “This technology, combined with your expertise, can be a major factor in the improvement of the criminal justice system in Bangladesh.”