Civilian Security for Chad

Nov 15, 2016

Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Sarah Sewall visited Chad recently. The visit focused on stabilization challenges resulting from the campaign against Boko Haram, in addition to the humanitarian needs of the refugees that Boko Haram attacks have generated, and strategies for addressing violent extremism more broadly.

In N'Djamena, the Under Secretary met with U.N. officials and urban refugees to learn about the humanitarian situation in Chad and to explore opportunities for additional support beyond the $106 million in humanitarian assistance the U.S. provided Chad in 2016.

In meetings with President Idriss Deby and other government officials, the Under Secretary praised the country's leadership in hosting over 300,000 refugees from its various neighbors and for participating in the Multinational Joint Task Force against Boko Haram. She also underscored how civilian security and respect for human rights are vital to reinforcing military gains against the terrorist group. She applauded efforts of local governments in the Lac region to de-radicalize and reintegrate Boko Haram defectors, which underscore the need for a credible path to leave from the battlefield.

The Under Secretary met with staff at Radio al-Quoran and imams from the High Islamic Council, which use positive messages to strengthen the resilience of communities across Chad to counter the lure of violent extremism.

The United States is committed to working with its partner, Chad, to help protect the people of Chad and the men, women and children refugees it humanely shelters from the continuing threat of violent extremists.