Hollywood: State of the Union Expectations

February 08,2013

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA — Americans hope that President Obama can improve a sluggish economy and bring down the high unemployment rate in his second term. In one Los Angeles neighborhood famous around the world, people have hopes similar to those in other parts of the country.

Hollywood is known for its ties to the movie industry. So it draws tourists from all over the world.

But on Hollywood's back streets, people live and work around sound stages and production studios. Some will be watching the president's State of the Union Address, including local resident Solomon Jefferson.

“What I want to hear is about him tackling the primary issue right now, is the economy,” he said.

He says lowering the unemployment rate, now at 7.9 percent, is a priority, but for that Republicans and Democrats will have to cooperate.

“To basically find a median, or some good amount of compromise, where they can meet somewhere in the middle, so that way these goals an get accomplished,” stated Jefferson.

The nation's poor are on the mind of John Pouliot, a film editor.

“And I'd like to see him double down on that and say, hey, we have the resources, we have to tax people in the right way. We have to actually collect the taxes, close all the loopholes," he added. "And the deficit is not as important right now as making sure everybody in this country can stand on their own two feet.”

They say it won't be easy, but people here are hoping for a happy Hollywood ending to the President's second term.