Top 5 Songs for Week Ending Jan. 16

January 13,2016

We’re counting down the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart, for the week ending January 16, 2016.

If we wanted to, we could just recycle last week’s story, because absolutely nothing changes in the Top Five.

Number 5: Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean?"

In fifth place, Justin Bieber holds with “What Do You Mean?” When he’s not making hits, clubbing, or vacationing with models, what does he do for fun? Well, last week he was photographed taking tennis lessons in Los Angeles, concentrating on his forehand. Bieber’s a good athlete: he plays hockey, skateboards, and won a Most Valuable Player trophy at an NBA Celebrity All-Star Game.

FILE - Canadian singer Justin Bieber arrives for the NRJ Music Awards ceremony at the Festival Palace in Cannes, France.
FILE - Canadian singer Justin Bieber arrives for the NRJ Music Awards ceremony at the Festival Palace in Cannes, France.

Number 4: Drake "Hotline Bling"

You can often find Drake courtside at NBA games, and this week you’ll also find him holding in fourth place with “Hotline Bling.” Complex Magazine reports that he and Rihanna may have shot a video together at a Los Angeles shopping mall. The pair were spotted together late last week – it could be for Rihanna’s song “Work,” slated to appear on her upcoming album Anti.

Number 3: Justin Bieber "Love Yourself"

Bieber dominates the singles charts on both sides of the Atlantic…but finds himself in a fight in the U.K. Last week, he became the first artist to occupy the top three positions of the Official Singles Chart in Britain. This week, Shawn Mendes bumped him from third place with “Stitches.” Bieber's still the U.K. runner-up with “Sorry,” but by a razor-thin margin of less than 100 chart sales.

Number 2: Justin Bieber "Sorry"

Bieber's “Sorry,” holds in second place here in the United States. Meanwhile, he hasn’t said he’s sorry to Mexican archeological authorities…but they’re willing to forgive him if he behaves himself. Last week, he got booted from the Tulum archeological site in Mexico, after drinking beer, pulling down his trousers and attempting to climb on the ruins. The director for Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History tells TMZ that Bieber is welcome to return…as long as he doesn’t act up again.

FILE - Adele performs "Rolling in the Deep" at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California.

Number 1: Adele "Hello"

Adele reaches the magical double-digit mark on the hit list, as “Hello” spends a 10th week at number one. That makes it the 31st champion single to reach the 10-week mark in the 58-year history of the Hot 100 chart.

What happens next week? Join us in seven days, and we’ll find out!