Ultra HDTV's, Home Automation Are Hot Trends at Electronics Show

January 08,2015

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA— The Consumer Electronic Show, or CES -- held once a year in Las Vegas Nevada (Jan. 6-9) -- is one of the largest expos in the world It is the Mecca of technology, where the latest innovations and gadgets are unveiled.

Organizers were expecting more than 160,000 people to attend this year’s consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Each year’s show has specific trends, which set the tone for the year ahead in the consumer electronics business.

UltraHD TVs, which have four times the resolution of normal HD TVs, are all over the place this year. Samsung announced nine new models, LG introduced more curved designs, and Sony said all its TVs will now be equipped with the Android TV operating System.

Another trend in this year’s CES is home automation via the Internet. From connected dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators, to smart pots for houseplants. The challenge, though, is to come up with a standard to allow all the numerous devices and brands to communicate with each other.

One of the hottest categories of products in this year’s show is wearable devices. Examples include a light-therapy helmet that promotes hair growth -- a device that helps reduce chronic pain -- a ring that allows you to control other gadgets and devices with just gestures -- a smart, Bluetooth-enabled pacifier, and a beautiful necklace that connects to the user's mobile device for discreet alerts.

3-D printers have seen major growth in the past year and because of this growth, their prices have decreased significantly. Several models are even below the one thousand dollar mark. In addition to the large 3-D printers, there's now a new 3-D pen on the market that allows the users to “draw” 3D objects.

The robotic world was also present in force. From modular cubic robots that help children learn programing, to telepresence robots that allow users to be virtually present in remote location.