225 Body Language 3

公司主管Andy又请专门研究肢体语言的Monica给公司销售员 Sara和James培训。Andy说:

Andy: This morning we once again have business consultant Monica Wolf with us. Monica is going to speak to us today about body language and how it affects business relationships.

Monica: Hello again everyone! So....did you experiment with some of the pointers I gave you last time?

Sara: I did. I found that making a conscious effort to look people in the eye has been very useful. I think people find me more trustworthy now.

M: That's great!

Monica问大家有没有尝试着把上次她教的东西用到实践中去。她用到的一个名词 pointer 意思是指点,建议。Sara说,她发现,讲话时有意识地看着对方的眼睛真的很有帮助,别人会觉得她更可靠,让人信得过,trustworthy. 上面那段话里另一个语言点是,to make a conscious effort to do something 意思是有意识地去做某事。James说,

J: I've been working on my posture. I find when I stand up straight with my shoulders back, I actually feel more confident going into a business negotiation.

V: Wonderful! I'm so glad you applied the principles I shared with you. Today let's talk a little bit about attitude. What's the first thing you notice about a character like James Bond?

J: He's very cool and composed.

S: Yeah, he doesn't ever seem to get too worked up over anything.

James说,他也在有意识地改进自己的站姿和仪表,而且他发现,挺胸抬头,真地会给自己平添一份自信。Monica听说大家把上次讲到的理论付诸实践,很高兴,说今天就来谈谈工作时的态度 attitude, 她问大家英国特工007 James Bond有什么特点。James和Sara都说,007很酷,很镇定, composed, 处变不惊。这里用到的一个短语 worked up 是形容词,意思是兴奋,激动。Monica 说:

M: That's right! The reason he's so cool is because he's in charge of the situation and he knows it. People who are in charge don't get overly excited. So, what I recommend is that you try to appear to be in control by maintaining composure. If you find yourself in a very stressful business negotiation try to limit your body gestures and control the tone of your voice.

S: So even if I don't feel confident, I should try to fake it?

M: Yes. You'll be surprised that even if you're faking, you'll start to feel more in control. Try to reveal as few of your emotions as possible.

A: But of course you still have to appear friendly.

M: Absolutely. But like a poker player, you don't want to show your cards.

Monica说,James Bond 007 之所以老是那么淡定,是因为他知道,情况都在自己的掌握之中,所以建议大家一定要保持情绪的稳定,参加十分棘手的谈判时,要 limit your body gestures and control the tone of your voice 尽量减少肢体动作,控制自己的音调,越少暴露自己的情绪越好,就好象是在打扑克牌,不能让别人知道你手里的牌。