230 Gambling II


P: So what happened to Joe? How is he holding up?

J: Joe is in Gamblers Anonymous right now. He sent me an e-mail the other day and he says he's doing better...but recovering from any addiction is a long process.

K: What's Gamblers Anonymous?

P: Have you ever heard of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA?

K: Not really.

J: Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that tries to help people with alcohol problems overcome their addiction. Gamblers Anonymous does the same thing for gamblers.

K: I see, so it's sort of like rehab.

Patricia问起Joe近况。John说,Joe现在加入了Gamblers Anonymous嗜赌者互诫协会。Gamblers Anonymous跟Alcoholic Anonymous嗜酒者互诫协会差不多,是帮助赌徒戒赌的组织。在英语里,有某件事情上瘾可以用problem这个字,比如,He has a drinking problem. 他酗酒成性。He has a gambling problem. 他赌博成性。因此说,嗜赌者互诫协会差不多就是一种戒赌组织,it's like a rehab. Rehab is spelled r-e-h-a-b, rehab 是戒毒,戒赌中心的意思。 John 接着说:

J: That's right. Gamblers Anonymous offers a support system to gamblers who have a problem.

K: Well, I hope your friend gets better soon. So....what casino games do you usually play?

P: I've always liked card games....poker, especially. I don't like slot machines because I don't think there are any skills involved.

J: I like poker and all kinds of table games, but my favorite is Blackjack. Blackjack is a nice mix of skill and luck.

嗜赌互诫协会为赌博上瘾的人提供了一个 support system 相互支持的系统。话说到这,Kelly问Patricia和John去赌场一般都玩些什么。Patricia说自己一般都是玩card games玩牌,不喜欢拉老虎机slot machines, 因为他觉得老虎机完全凭运气,一点技术含量也没有。John说,凡是table games他都喜欢玩。在赌场里,table games除了扑克牌以外,还包括 craps轮盘骰子和罗莱特 Roulette等。John还说,但是他最爱玩的还是Blackjack, 21点。

K: I think I might be able to enjoy a game or two of Poker or Blackjack. Do you think I'll get addicted?

P: Kelly, I've known you for a few years and you have excellent self-control. I don't think you'll have a problem controlling yourself.

J: Besides, you only get to go to Macau once in a blue moon. What I suggest is you set yourself a reasonable budget of money that you can afford to lose. Don't go beyond that limit.

P: A little bit of legal gambling can be a lot of fun...but we have to know when to call it a night.

K: All right. You're on! Let's hit the casinos on Friday night.

Kelly 担心自己赌钱上瘾 get addicted. John建议她给自己设定一个合理的限度,set yourself a reasonable budget that you can afford to lose. 给自己定个输得起的预算,不要超过那个限度。John还说,况且,You only get to go to Macau once in a blue moon. 去澳门的机会少之又少,once in a blue moon 是非常罕见的意思。Patricia 也说,we know when to call it a night. 我们知道什么时候该打住。Kelly 在两人说服下,最后说,You're on. Let's hit the casinos on Friday night. 星期五去赌场,我们就这么说定了。