232 Quit Smoking II


K: What's worked so far?

J: Well, for starters, I saw a doctor who specializes in helping people quit smoking. The doctor recommended a therapy group that meets twice a week.

D: So everyone in the group is trying to quit smoking?

J: Yep...we were all in the same boat. We have a buddy system....if we need help, we call each other.

K: That's really great!

J: Also, the doctor recommended getting some exercise so I started doing some cycling. I could barely make it down the street for the first couple of days, but now I'm riding as much as 10 kilometers!

原来,Johnny专门找了个医生,指导他如何戒烟,医生建议他加入一个 therapy group 治疗小组,小组成员都是想戒烟的烟民,同病相怜,they were all in the same boat. in the same boat是一个很常用的短语,意思是处境相同。另外,医生还建议Johnny锻炼身体,骑自行车。

D: When you quit smoking you also have to change your lifestyle. I had to stop drinking too much beer, because when I drank, it made me want to smoke. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and I cut down on red meat.

K: Yeah, that makes sense. Change your diet...change your lifestyle...start a new you!

J: So far the toughest time is when I'm hanging out with friends in clubs, bars or KTVs.

D: I guess you'll just have to chew a lot of gum.

J: Yeah...the doctor told me to keep my mouth and hands busy! Chew gum, drink water, whistle, draw, hold a pencil...just try to distract my mind.

Daisy说,戒烟的一部分是要改变生活习惯,比如他自己,原来爱喝啤酒,一喝啤酒就自然而然地想抽烟,所以为了戒烟他索性连酒也少喝了,开始多吃蔬菜水果,并且 cut down on red meat. 少吃红肉。to cut down on something 是减少的意思,red meat 红肉,包括猪肉,牛肉,羊肉等,跟 red meat 相对的是鸡肉和鱼肉等 white meat. Johnny说,最痛苦的时候是跟朋友到夜总会和酒吧那种地方去,周围抽烟喝酒的人太多,诱惑太大,医生曾建议他,不要让自己的嘴和手闲着,嚼口香糖,喝水,吹口哨,或者干脆手里拿根笔,都行。

K: I applaud your efforts to quit! I'm sure you'll be much happier in the long run.

D: Yeah...a couple of years from now, you look back and wonder how you could've ever been a smoker!

J: I hope so...because it's been pretty tough.

D: Don't worry; there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

K: Keep up the good work!

J: Thanks, guys!

最后,Kathy 和Daisy都鼓励Johnny一定要坚持,Daisy说,there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 隧道尽头能看到光明,类似中文里说的曙光就在前面。