237 crush on a co-worker 1


King: The trip was pretty good except for the flat tire we got on the way home. I was going to change it myself but then...hey Dan, are you even listening to me? Dan?

Dan: Oh sorry, I spaced out there for a second.

K: Who were you looking at? Wait a second...you were looking at Julie!

D: All right, I confess! I'm busted. I have a big crush on Julie.

K: That's wonderful! Julie is a great woman, and you're a great guy! So have you asked her out yet?

D: No. I'm not really sure it's appropriate.

King正在给Dan讲自己最近的一次旅行,他们回家路上车胎爆了。We got a flat tire. 正说得高兴,King发现Dan根本没在听自己说话。Dan很不好意思,承认 I spaced out for a second. 我走神了。space out 是走神的意思,形容心不在焉,走神,还可以用daydream, 所以刚才那句话也可以说 I was daydreaming for a second. King发现,Dan走神是在看女同事 Julie。 Dan只好承认说,I'm busted. I have a big crush on Julie. I'm busted,意思是我被抓住了,被发现了,暴露了。他说自己确实在偷偷喜欢Julie,但又不敢,ask her out,约她出去,不知道这样做是否合适,appropriate。King说,

K: I think lots of people meet their "significant other" in the workplace. It's not like she's your boss...go ask her out!

D: I don't know...what if she says 'no'?

K: Have you ever heard the old expression: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained?" What if she says 'yes'?

D: I've always had a really hard time approaching women. I get tongue-tied and start sweating. I don't want to come across as too aggressive, but I also don't want to appear too passive...It's really hard to get it right!

King 说,很多人都是在工作场所遇到自己另一半的,significant other,是伴侣的意思,也可以说是自己的better half. Dan害怕被拒绝。King 告诉他说:Nothing ventured, nothing gained,不去冒险尝试,就绝不会有收获。Dan说自己在追女人方面特别不在行,I get tongue-tied and start sweating,我说话会结结巴巴,直冒冷汗。Dan还说,既不想显得太主动,也不想显得太被动,It's really hard to get it right,很难把握好分寸。King劝他说:

K: If there's one thing I've learned in my life it's that you never lose by trying. You never know unless you try! Getting rejected isn't the end of the world!

D: But how do I make the initial approach? Should I try to come up with some clever or witty remarks?

K: There are a lot of guys out there who think they're Casanova, but in my experience, women don't go for cheesy pickup lines. I suggest being sweet, straightforward and sincere.

D: So what should I say?

King说,最糟糕也不过是被拒绝。Getting rejected isn't the end  of the world! 被拒绝也并非世界末日,没什么大不了的。Dan问,要不要come up with some clever or witty remark,想出一些俏皮话。King告诉他,约女人出去,直截了当些就好,很多男人都以为自己是 Casanova, 卡萨诺瓦是十八世纪的一个意大利探险家和作家,也是一个风流倜傥的情圣,在英语里是大众情人的代名词。King还说,其实,women don't go for cheesy pickup lines. cheesy is spelled c-h-e-e-s-y, cheesy,意思是俗气的,肉麻的;pick up lines,是指男人跟女人搭讪时说的俏皮话。Dan会鼓起勇气约Julie出去吗?我们下次继续听。