238 crush on a co-worker 2

Dan偷偷喜欢女同事Julie. King给他打气,鼓励他约Julie出去。

Dan问:So what should I say?

King: Tell the truth! Say, "Hi Julie, I was wondering if you'd be interested in going out this Saturday? I know a great sushi place."

D: Just like that? Don't you think I'll scare her?

K: Both you and Julie are adults, and that's the way adults communicate with each other. If you're worried about being too direct, you should make it a group event and invite her along.

D: The whole process just seems so scary.

K: You know what's really scary? The idea that two people might be perfect for each other, but they're too afraid to talk to each other...now that's a frightening thought. What a waste!

D: That's a good point.

King建议Dan直截了当,约Julie出去吃饭,但如果Dan不想过于直接的话,可以 make it a group event and invite her along 组织一次集体活动,邀请Julie一起去。King 还鼓励Dan说,如果两个人原本珠联璧合 perfect for each other, 但却因为彼此不敢主动去跟对方搭讪而擦肩而过,那才是最可怕的。What a waste! 太可惜了。King 接着说,

K: What's the worst thing that could happen?

D: She rejects me.

K: And is that so bad?

D: No, I guess not. How do you meet your wife anyway?

K: I walked up to her on a subway car and said, "Hi, I'm King. What's your name?" Three years later we were married.

D: Wow! All right...I'm going to do it. I'm going to ask her out.

K: Well, here's your chance. She's started walking this way. Go for it!

如果Dan约Julie出去,最糟糕的结果也不过是遭到拒绝。King现身说法,说当年他就是在地铁上遇到自己太太的,他走上前去自我介绍,三年后两人就结婚了。Dan终于鼓起勇气,决定要约Julie出去,正说着,Julie走了过来,Here is his chance. 他的机会来了。我们一起听Dan是怎么说的。

D: Hey, Julie.

J: Hi Dan. How are you doing?

D: I'm good, thanks! Say, a couple of us are thinking about having dinner and maybe going to a Karaoke bar this Saturday night. Are you free to join us?

J: Sure! I'd love to. What time should I meet you?

D: How about 7:30?

J: Great! I'll see you then. Have a nice day, Dan! Bye!

D: You too! See you on Saturday!

K: See? That wasn't so hard, was it?

D: That was amazing! I'm totally on cloud nine right now! Thanks, dude!

K: No problem, and I hope it woks out for the two of you.

D: It's really true: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

K: You got it!

Dan跟Julie说,办公室几个人星期六晚上打算一起出去吃饭,吃完饭去唱卡拉OK,问Julie想不想一起去,Julie欣然接受。Dan说,I'm totally on cloud nine. 我实在是太高兴了。King说,I hope it works out for the two of you. 意思是祝 Dan和Julie好运,能交往愉快。