244 a really bad day 2

Harry告诉同事Cindy, 他这一天真是倒了血霉了。早上起晚,上班迟到,忘了取送去干洗的西装,所以只好穿着T恤和牛仔裤来公司上班,不仅如此,钱包还被人偷了。


Cindy: Wow, Harry...this might just be the worst day of your life!

H: I know! (beep, beep sound) Well...when it rains it pours! Now my cell phone is out of power! And of course...I left my charger at home.

C: (Sniffs) Hey...what's that smell? it's kind of nasty.

H: Yeah, you're right....it does stink. Oh! Look at my shoes! I stepped in dog poo!

C: (Chuckle) It's almost funny. Well, you know...when life brings you troubles you can either laugh or cry. Maybe you should go buy a lottery ticket! One of my Chinese friends told me that when you step in doggie poo, you might win the lottery!

正聊着,Harry手机又没电了。When it rains, it pours! 这种说法是指不管好事还是坏事,要来的时候就会接二连三,在这里可以理解为祸不单行。这时,两人都闻到有臭味,It stinks. 原来是Harry不小心踩到了狗屎,dog poo. Cindy说,她的中国朋友告诉她,踩到狗屎应该去买乐透lottery,没准能中大奖。
H: Ha! Even if I wanted to...I don't have any money! I don't even know how I'm getting home tonight.

C: I can lend you some money.

H: Thanks, Cindy...that's very kind of you.

C: Not at all! Did you cancel your credit cards?

H: Not yet.

C: You better get on the phone and do that ASAP...you don't want some thief going on a shopping spree with your cards.

H: No, I certainly don't. Do you think I should report the theft to the police?

别说买乐透,Harry钱包丢了,今天连回家的路费都没有着落呢。Cindy安慰Harry, 说可以借钱给他,还问他有没有 cancel your credit cards.把信用卡都关掉,否则的话,小偷可能会拿着Harry的信用卡,go on a shopping spree 去疯狂购物。Harry说自己这就去,还问Cindy,自己要不要向警察报案。Cindy说:

C: Well...to be honest, the chances of getting your wallet back are low...but you might want to report it anyway. Maybe the cops will eventually catch the guy.

H: Ok...I'll go do that during my lunch break. Wow...what a day!

C: Keep your chin up, Harry. I know it's been a rough day for you, but someday you'll be able to laugh about this.

H: I hope so. Thanks for being a good friend.

C: Of course! What are friends for? Let me buy you lunch today...ok?

H: Cindy...you're an angel.  

Cindy觉得,to be honest 老实说,钱包找回来的可能性很小,但她还是建议Harry去报案。Cindy还鼓励Harry说,keep your chin up! 抬起头来,别那么沮丧。Harry夸Cindy够意思。Cindy回答说,What are friends for? 直译为“要朋友干嘛用的?”意思是这是朋友应该做的,她最后还说,要请Harry吃中饭。