248 Art for an Office 2

公司主管James找到公关部主任 Felicia 商量购置艺术作品,美化工作环境的事。James说自己偏爱相片,Felicia表示赞同。

F: I often go to photography exhibitions at the local museum. Sometimes the pictures are of nature - you know - wild animals or sunsets...that kind of thing. But my favorite pictures are of people; sometimes you can catch someone in a private moment and it's a very interesting window into how other people live.

J: Yes, I like to hang out at the museum as well. I'm also a big fan of sculpture. Last time I was in Italy I made a special trip to go see Michelangelo's "David." It's really a very impressive work of art.

F: I'd love to see that! I was in Paris two years ago and I spent half my time there walking around the Louvre Museum...it was amazing.

Felicia也经常去博物馆看摄影展,她最喜欢看人物写真,It's an interesting window into how other people live. 这是观察到其他人生活的一扇窗子。James说,他也很喜欢泡博物馆。I like to hang out at the museum as well. 除了摄影作品外,James 和 Felicia 两人也都很喜欢雕塑,他们谈到了 Michelangelo's "David" 意大利著名雕塑家米开朗基罗的作品大卫,以及巴黎的 Louvre Museum 卢浮宫。
J: You know...come to think of it, maybe we should buy some art pieces from the local artists to support the local community.

F: I've got an idea! Let's try to find one very beautiful, very impressive large piece of art - or maybe a mural - to put at the entrance of our offices. Then, instead of buying works of art to hang in the various hallways, we can rent the artworks and rotate what we have on display!

J: Felicia...that's a brilliant idea. I think you just solved our dilemma.

F: Thanks, boss!

James忽然想到,他们其实应该购买当地艺术家的作品,也算是为社区做些贡献。他所说的come to think of it, 是我忽然想起的意思。Felicia提议,买一件大的艺术作品,或是mural壁画,放在办公室大门口,然后可以租艺术品挂在走廊的墙上,这样一来,还可以隔一段时间换一批。James觉得这个主意好。

J: We'll get one major artwork for our entranceway and maybe commission a couple of sculptures for the outside garden area. Then we will find an art rental company and rotate our pictures on a three-month basis.

F: That way, we will eventually get around to everybody's taste in art, and if some people don't like some of the art...well, they won't have to look at it for long.

J: All right, that's our plan! Let's do it. Thanks again, Felicia.

F: Not at all.

James 还说,we can commission a couple of sculptures. commission is spelled c-o-m-m-i-s-s-i-o-n, commission 动词,在这里是向艺术家定购作品的意思。James 还说,挂在公司里的艺术作品,可以每三个月换一批,这样就能满足员工不同的艺术品味了。