257 Flying Business Class 1


Wendy: (Excited) Yeah!

Cindy: Hey, Wendy....you sure looked excited. What's up?

W: I just got a text message...and...I get to fly business class on my next trip to China!

C: Sweet! What city are you going to?

W: Beijing. The fabrics trade show is happening there next week.

C: Cool. I've never been to Beijing...you?

W: No. I've only been to Shanghai and Hangzhou.

C: Well...it's great that you get to see a new place.

Wendy这么开心,原来是因为要去北京出差,而且是坐 business class 商务舱,不是经济舱 economy class 或是 coach class. 除了商务舱和经济舱以外,大家知道的头等舱在英语里是 first class. 正说得高兴,另一位同事Amy走过来,问她俩要不要一起去吃午饭。  

Amy: Hey girls...wanna go walk across the street and grab some lunch?

W: Sure!

C: Yeah, let's go. You know...Wendy should treat us today.

A: Why is that?

C: Because she gets to fly business class next week.

W: Sure...lunch is on me! I'm going to Beijing next Tuesday for the fabrics trade show. I've always wanted to see what traveling business class would be like and now I'll get a little taste!

A: Congratulations. Business class has so much more leg-room...the seats practically recline into a bed. Of course...first class is even nicer.

Amy问两人要不要一起去马路对面买点午饭吃 grab some lunch. Cindy让Wendy请客,Wendy should treat us today. 因为她下星期要坐商务舱去北京出差。Wendy欣然答应,说 Lunch is on me. 意思是午饭我来请。Amy说,商务舱 leg room 伸展腿脚的空间更大,椅子放倒就象床一样,但还是不如头等舱舒服。听上去Amy八成坐过。Cindy 问 Amy:

C: Are you speaking from experience?

A: Actually, yes. My husband and I flew first class to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

C: Wow!

W: That is cool. I've been stuck in coach all my life. Is it just my imagination, or have the seats in economy class been getting smaller over the years?

C: I don't think the seats have gotten smaller...I think the airlines are packing more rows of seats into airplanes and that means less leg-room.

A: Well, it's probably true that if we want cheap tickets we will have to put up with being crammed into an airplane.

原来,Amy去夏威夷度蜜月时坐的就是头等舱,所以她确实是speak from experience. Wendy很羡慕地说,I've been stuck in coach all my life. 我一辈子都没离开过经济舱。座位虽说没变小,但是航空公司不断在机舱里加座椅,pack more rows of seats into airplanes, 当然伸腿的地方就越来越小了。Amy无可奈何地说,想要买便宜的机票,就只能忍受飞机里的拥挤了。We will have to put up with being crammed into an airplane. to put up with 是忍受;cram 是动词,意思是挤在一起。