258 Flying Business Class 2


Cindy: So Wendy, are you flying non-stop?

Wendy: Washington DC to Beijing...non-stop.

Amy: Oh that's lovely. The thing I hate the most about traveling is layovers. You have to get off the plane...get all your stuff...sometimes you have to go through security...then you wait around in the airport lounge for hours, and finally get back on a plane and endure more hours of flying.

C: Stopovers are a real pain in the neck. Sometimes they are quick, but most of the time layovers take at least three or four hours.

W: I got stuck at the Bangkok airport for nine hours once! I nearly went insane!

A: That's nasty. I'd rather just stay overnight and come back the next day.

Wendy的班机是直飞 non-stop, 不用转机,中途转机在英文里是layover 或者是 stopover. Cindy说,Stopovers are a real pain in the neck. 说一件事情是 a pain in the neck 意思是说这件事情特别讨厌。Wendy也说,有一次她被困在曼谷机场九个小时,I got stuck at the Bangkok airport for nine hours. Amy也说,她宁可找个地方过夜,I'd rather just stay overnight. 第二天再回来,也不愿意在机场干等。
C: Hopefully the airplanes of the future will be faster and bigger so we can get places more comfortably and quickly.

W: So...enlighten me on what pleasures await me in business class.

C: Well, the food is pretty good. Each meal has several courses and if you want seconds or thirds the answer is always: "No problem, madam."

A: The wine list is excellent, too. You also have a choice of dozens of brand-new movies and shows on your personal in-flight entertainment system.

C: But ...like I said earlier...the number one best thing about business class is the leg-room! You can stretch out and lie back. It makes all the difference in the world.

商务舱的乘客有哪些特殊待遇呢?Cindy说,首先是吃的好,每顿饭都有好几道菜,而且,if you want seconds or thirds 如果你想要第二份或是第三份的话,回答永远都是没问题。seconds第二份is spelled s-e-c-o-n-d-s, seconds, 就是second后面加个s. thirds也是一样,就是在third后面加个s. 除了吃的好,葡萄酒种类也不错。The wine list is excellent. 此外还有最新上映的电影,但是商务舱最好的地方还是宽敞,It makes all the difference in the world. 天壤之别。

A: Cindy's right. A 12-hour flight doesn't seem all that long.

W: Excellent! I'm very much looking forward to it. Okay, it's my treat...what do you want to eat?

A: I'll have the shrimp salad.

C: And I'll have a club sandwich and a cranberry yogurt.

W: I'll have carrot sticks and a tomato juice.

C: On a diet?

W: No...I'm just too excited to eat!

Wendy听后很高兴,说自己十分期待。大家开始点午饭,结果Wendy自己只要了carrot sticks and a tomato juice. 小胡萝卜和番茄汁。Cindy问她是不是在减肥,On a diet? 等于 are you on a diet? Wendy 回答说不是,是因为太兴奋,所以吃不下东西。