262 Fear of Flying 2

Sean 有飞行恐惧症,可他偏偏又是国际销售代表,需要经常旅行。同事 Mimi 开玩笑说,他可真是选错了职业。Mimi 说,

M: You certainly picked the wrong profession! You are an international sales representative - traveling is part of the job!

S: I know!! I thought my fear would lessen the more I did it - but it's been 10 years now and I'm still afraid of flying.

M: You know, the idea that you are more in control behind the wheel of a car than you are in an airplane might not be valid. Think about it: how much control do you have over road conditions or other drivers on the road? Very little, right?

S: That's true.

Mimi 觉得,Sean certainly picked the wrong profession. 选错了职业。Sean 说,他原来以为,坐飞机坐得多了,飞行恐惧症会慢慢好起来,谁知道,十年过去了,丝毫不见减弱。Mimi 说,Sean以为开车 - behind the wheels的时候自己可以控制自己命运,这种想法 is not valid, 不能成立,因为开车的人对路况和自己周围的驾车人,是完全控制不了的。有什么办法能减轻飞行恐惧症患者的症状吗?我们继续听。
M: Have you ever tried pretending that you're on a bus? My uncle uses this trick when he's flying....whenever the plane runs into some turbulence he just closes his eyes and pretends he's sitting on a bumpy bus.

S: Hmm....I'm not sure if that would work but it's worth a try.

M: Where do you usually sit on the plane?

S: As close as possible to an emergency exit!!

M: (Chuckles) My uncle says the best place to sit is as close to the wings as possible because in his experience, the center of the plane is more stable.

S: That makes sense.  I'll try to find a seat near an emergency exit by the wings!

Mimi 建议Sean 尝试一下,假装自己是坐在一个颠簸的巴士上。Whenever the plane runs into some turbulence, turbulence is spelled t-u-r-b-u-l-e-n-c-e, turbulence 气流,意思是飞机遇到气流颠簸的时候,就假装自己是坐在一个 bumpy bus 上。Sean 觉得 it's worth a try. 可以试试看。Mimi 问 Sean 一般都选择什么地方的座位。Sean 说从来都是离 emergency exit 紧急出口越近越好。Mimi 说,飞机中央部位最稳,也就是机翼附近。可想而知,Sean 以后选择位子的条件又多了一个,不光要离紧急出口近,还最好是在飞机中间的机翼部位。

M: Of course, if nothing else works, you can always see a doctor and perhaps he can prescribe some antianxiety medication for you.

S: I'd rather not use medications, but it might come down to that.

M: There are also a lot of courses available that use mental strengthening exercises, or even hypnosis! You should look into one of those programs and see if it works for you!

S: That's a good idea!

M: Maybe understanding how an airplane works....some of the basic principles of flight....what turbulence actually is and some other specifics about flying could help you "know your enemy," so to speak.

S:  I like that idea! If I understood what I was experiencing....perhaps I wouldn't fear it so much! Thanks for your suggestions, Mimi! You're a real pal!

Mimi 建议,实在不行,Sean 还可以去找医生,开点 antianxiety 抗紧张的药,Sean 虽然不想吃药,但也承认,it might come down to that. 最后没办法,可能也只能借助药物了。另外,想克服心理障碍,还可以去参加锻炼心志的课程,或者是了解飞机的飞行原理,所谓 know your enemy 知己知彼,百战不殆,这些可能对Sean都有帮助。