265 losing a job can be positive 1

Suzanne 约朋友 Mickey 一起吃午饭。

Suzanne: Mickey! Good to see you! It's been too long!

Mickey:  Hi, Suzanne! you're right, it has been too long.

S: Did you find something on the menu that interests you? Sorry I'm late for our lunch. Traffic was horrific.

M: Yeah....I think I'll have the chicken Caesar salad.

S: That sounds pretty good.... hey, is everything okay?  -- You seem kind of down.

M: I got laid off last Friday.

S: Oh....I'm so sorry to hear that.

Suzanne 跟 Mickey 很久没见面,发现 Mickey 心事重重,情绪不高,seem kind of down. Down 在这里是形容词,意思是情绪低落。原来,Mickey 上星期五被炒了鱿鱼,He got laid off.  也可以说,He was let go.  丢了工作,难怪心情沮丧,我们来听听这是为什么。

M: They said it had nothing to do with my performance. They just need to try and save on costs.  So they're axing a bunch of jobs.

S: Ouch! Losing a job is such a nasty experience.

M: Yep....it sure is. I guess I have been a bit depressed.

S: I remember when I got fired from my job as a senior manager with a Web design company. I felt awful for weeks. But you know something? Getting fired turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Mickey 被解雇是因为公司要削减开支,所以 they axed a bunch of jobs.  Ax is spelled, a-x, 或者 a-x-e, 做为动词,是砍的意思。他丢了工作,心情十分抑郁,depressed. Suzanne 安慰他说,自己也曾有过类似经历,好几个星期缓不过来,但是最后证明,getting fired turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. 被开除是她这辈子最幸运的事。怎么可能,我们继续听。

M: And why was that?

S: It gave me a jolt that I really needed. I was just coasting along in my position day in and day out, never really thinking about my life or my career.

M: So getting fired helped you reflect on these things?

S: Absolutely! I started asking myself what I really wanted to do.

M: That makes sense. Our daily routines can turn into habits. I've been working at this company for almost 8 years and I have kind of been running on autopilot.

Suzanne 说,失业 gave me a jolt. Jolt is spelled j-o-l-t, jolt 在这里是震动的意思。Suzanne 说,有工作的时候,她从来都是 coast along day in and day out. Coast along 做为词组,意思是不用花一点努力随波逐流, day in and day out 意思是日复一日,年复一年。过着这样的生活,怎么还会想着如何进取呢?被解雇后,她才开始思考这些问题,to reflect on things 意思是反思。Mickey 深有同感,说自己在原来的公司已经干了将近八年了,I have been running on autopilot. Autopilot 自动驾驶,工作已经成了一种习惯,顺手就干了,就好象是 run on autopilot. 现在没有工作了,Mickey 下一步有什么打算呢?我们下次继续听。