A: 美语训练班上课啦! 我是杨琳!

B: 我是Kat! 咱们今天学什么呢,杨琳?


B: But first we have to "Learn a Word". Right?

A: 没错! 先来学个词儿!

Learn A Word : cater to

今天我们要学的词是 cater to. Cater is spelled c-a-t-e-r, cater; and to, t-o, to; cater to. Cater to 意思是迎合需求。随着美国婴儿潮人口的老龄化,Thousands of physicians are catering to the 78 million baby boomers who are hoping to feel younger, and who are willing to pay for the privilege. 很多医生都在努力迎合美国7千8百万婴儿潮人口的保健需求,这些人希望能让自己继续年轻,并愿意为此买单。Malaysian aviation magnate AirAsia is trying to build "small, fun and affordable sports cars" which cater to Asian consumers. 马来西亚航空业巨头亚洲航空正在尝试着研发符合亚洲消费者口味的“小巧、有趣和价格适中”的跑车。好的,今天我们学习的词是cater to, cater to, cater to.

A: cater to 迎合需求。现在有很多商家都推出手机购物客户端,to cater to the consumers who use smartphones to shop.

B: Yes, some people say this will change the entire retail landscape. Do you think that's right?

A: 手机购物带来零售业的革命?我看有这个可能!记得以前大家问一个商家,会问“Where is your store?" 后来这个问题变成 "what's your web site?" 现在已经变成 "Do you have an app?"

B: Exactly! My gut feeling is that shopping on smartphones is the way to go!

A: Your gut feeling? 正好,我们下面的流行美语节目也用到了这个说法! Let's listen!

Popular American 389

各位听众,现在播送《流行美语》。 李华去Larry家,帮他收拾屋子,他们会用到两个常用语:gut feeling和out of the woods.

(knocking on door)

LH: Larry, 快开门。

Larry: OK, OK, I'm coming! I'm coming! (door opens)

LH: 你怎么还穿着睡衣??都快中午了,难道你还没有起床啊?

Larry: Hm? Oh, I must have slept in or something....

LH: 你睡过头了?咱们今天不是要大扫除吗?你的好哥们儿不是明天从纽约来看你吗?你看你这屋子还乱七八糟的呢。

Larry: Hmm.... it is a bit messy in here, isn't it? Well, no matter.... I have a gut feeling my friend isn't coming tomorrow.

LH: Your "gut" has a feeling? 你的肠子有感觉?你要拉肚子吗?

Larry: No, no. A "gut feeling" refers to someone's intuition. To say you have a gut feeling about something means that you have a feeling about the outcome of something before it happens.

LH: 哦,原来 gut feeling 就是直觉的意思。你是说,你有个直觉你朋友不会来了。为什么这么说呢?

Larry: Well, sometimes it's hard to explain why you get a gut feeling about something. But in this case, there are a few things that tell me he's not going to come.

LH: 哦?比如说?

Larry: For one thing, this friend of mine has been meaning to visit me for years, and every time, right before he's supposed to come, something happens and he cancels the trip.

LH: 原来,这个人以前每次说要来看你都没能成行,老是因为这样那样的事儿改变计划。

Larry: Right, and that's not the only reason I have a gut feeling he won't come.... I was on the phone with him last night....

LH: 你们在电话里说什么了?

Larry: Girl trouble.

LH: 怎么,他跟女朋友吵架了?

Larry: (sigh)..That's right. He was pretty upset. I was talking to him until four o'clock in the morning!

LH: 你跟他聊到凌晨4点钟?难怪你今天这么晚都起不来!

Larry: Yep. that's why I have a gut feeling he's going to cancel his trip once again. I was hoping to help him with his problems, but I have a gut feeling that he and his girlfriend are not out of the woods quite yet.

LH: 等一下! 你说,你直觉觉得,他和他女朋友还没有out of the woods? 他们俩去森林里干嘛?

Larry: Ha.... no, they aren't literally in the woods. What I meant is, I don't think their problems are totally solved. My advice may have helped him somewhat, but I don't think they're totally out of the woods yet.

LH: 哦,They aren't out of the woods yet 意思是说,他们之间的问题还没有彻底解决,对吗?

Larry: That's right. I have a gut feeling they might even break up.

LH: 你觉得他们会分手?要是真这样,那我也有个 gut feeling, 他呀,八成是不会来了。

Larry: Yep. So, (yawns) I might as well get back to bed and catch up on some sleep.

LH: 等一下! Larry, you're not off the hook! 你别以为这样就没事了!你屋里太乱,你得收拾收拾!

Larry: Aw, Lihua, I'll do it later! I'm exhausted from staying up last night! Besides, my buddy isn't going to come down tomorrow.

LH: 哎?这个你也不能确定啊! 你不只是凭直觉觉得人家不来么,这怎么能算数?

Larry: I'm pretty sure about my gut feeling this time, Lihua. (phone rings) Oh, here's my friend calling now. I bet he's going to cancel.

LH: 你快听听看,你朋友是不是真的不来了。

Larry: (answers phone) Hi, Steve, good morning!....... Oh, I slept fine, don't worry..Mm-hmm.Mm-hmm....Oh, Really? You got back together with your girlfriend?? Oh, I had a gut feeling you two would work things out! Oh, you're coming a day early? Tonight? You're already on your way?? Uhh, great. we'll see you soon, then. Bye!

LH: 什么?你朋友不仅没有取消行程,而且还要提前一天到?这下傻眼了吧!看来你的gut feeling很不靠谱!得啦!咱们开始大扫除吧!

各位听众,今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语,一个是gut feeling, 表示直觉;另一个是 out of the woods. 意思是问题得到了解决。

A:说到男女朋友吵架,我不由得想起了这阵子我在看的一个电视剧,男女主角从第一集开始误会,吵架,我都看到第十集了,they're still not out of the woods! 真让人着急!

B: Are you watching the show on the Internet? If so, you can jump to later episodes to watch the ending. Or you can choose to watch movies rather than TV shows.

A: 也对!电影嘛,最长不过两三个小时就完了,不用一集一集吊胃口。说到电影,现在有不少大片儿要上,咱们就来学学“大片儿”用美语怎么说!

JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:大片。

YR: JESSICA, 你今天晚上有空么?Let me treat you to a big movie.

JESSICA: 啊?a big movie?

YR: 对啊!我想请你看大片儿!就是最近特火的那部好莱坞电影!

JESSICA: Oh! You're talking about the Hollywood blockbuster that's been on since yesterday. We use the word "blockbuster" to describe films that have big production, widespread popularity and financial success.

YR: 我明白了,大片儿在美语里就是blockbuster. B-l-o-c-k-b-u-s-t-e-r, blockbuster. 就是大制作,大宣传,票房收益又好的电影。

JESSICA: 没错!怡茹, why do you want to go watch this blockbuster? 看电影可不便宜!

YR: 嗨,轻松轻松呗!再说,There are a lot of movie stars in this blockbuster. It must be a good movie!

JESSICA: Well, not all star-studded movies have good stories or acting.

YR: 等等,你刚才说star-studded,这是什么意思?

JESSICA: Star-studded is spelled s-t-a-r-s-t-u-d-d-e-d. It means a great proportion of the actors in a movie are well-known.

YR: 我明白了,star-studded 意思就是众星云集,明星大荟萃。

JESSICA: Yes. For example, you can say, "I want to watch this movie because it has a star-studded cast."

YR: I see. 哎,快过春节了,Quite a few star-studded movies are coming out for the holiday season.

JESSICA: They are all festive to keep up with the holiday spirit.

YR: 贺岁片当然是轻松喜庆啦,谁要在节日看大哭片儿嘛!对了,特别赚人眼泪,让人感动或者难过的哭片,要怎么说呢?

JESSICA: Those movies are called tearjerker. T-e-a-r-j-e-r-k-e-r, tearjerker. A tearjerker is a sentimental movie or performance that intends to move its audience to tears.

YR:I don't like tearjerkers-I only watch movies that make me laugh!

JESSICA: Good for you! Now let's see what you've learned today!

YR: 大片儿是blockbuster; 众星云集的是 star-studded;催人泪下的哭片则是 tearjerker.

A: 说到blockbuster, 前些日子不是出了Hangover II么?中文叫“宿醉”或者“醉后大丈夫”!Did you watch it Kat?

B: Yes! The sequel was not bad, but I like the first one much better.

A:So do I! 我觉得还是第一部更好玩!几个哥们儿本来去拉斯韦加斯给其中一人开单身派队,可是酒醉之后发生了一大堆疯狂的意想不到的事儿!

B: Haha! Vegas is a crazy place. You know what they say about it: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

A: Exactly! 说到拉斯韦加斯,今天咱们在美语三级跳中就要向朋友借车去Vegas扮潇洒的事儿!

B: Let's listen to GoEnglish!

GoEnglish: Driving (Intermediate)



Professor: Winnie, if you had a nice convertible, would you lend it to a friend to go to Las Vegas?


Tom: Well hello Phil. This is certainly a surprise. What are you doing at my apartment?

Phil: Oh ... no reason. I haven't seen you in a while, so I thought I would go see my very, very good friend Tom.

Tom: Oh really. Well something tells me that isn't the only reason. You never come by unless you want a favor.

Phil: What? Of course not! I came by just because I like you and wanted to say hello!

Tom: Come on Phil, you can't fool me. What do you want?

Professor: It sounds like Tom has given Phil lots of favors before.


Phil: Well ... alright. I want to drive to Las Vegas this weekend. Would it be possible for me to borrow your car?

Tom: You want to borrow my car? But it's brand new! I've only made one payment.

Phil: I know, but I promise I'll be really careful.

Tom: I don't know ... Las Vegas is a pretty wild place. I don't want anything to happen to my car.


Professor: Exactly. But do you know what Tom meant when he said he had only made one payment?

Tom说的payments就是每个月要还的买车贷款。 他说,自己才只还了一个月的钱。

Phil: Oh please? I'm a really good driver. I'll return it without a scratch.

Tom: You? A good driver? You don't even know how to parallel park!

Phil: Don't worry, I won't park it on the street. I'll park it in the hotel parking lot.

Tom: But people really like to party in Las Vegas. I'm worried someone who has been drinking and driving will hit my car and damage it.

Phil: Don't worry, I'll only drive during the day.

Tom担心有人drinking and driving--酒后驾车,会撞坏自己的车,可却丝毫不担心车里的人--Phil的安全,这算什么朋友!

Professor: Well, it's a brand new car. It probably has airbags and plenty of safety features.

那倒也是,新车都会配备airbags--气囊,和其它的safety features--安全设备。不过,professor Bowman, Tom说Phil不会 parallel park,这是什么意思?

Professor: The word "parallel," p-a-r-a-l-l-e-l, means extending in the same direction. So parallel parking is to park directly behind another car.

哦,parallel是“平行”的意思,所以parallel parking就是就在街上平行停车,或者叫“入库停车”。Phil不会parallel parking,所以他保证,只把Tom的车停在酒店停车场。

Tom: Alright Phil, I'll lend you my car but there are some rules.

Phil: Sure, what are they?

Tom: First, no speeding. If you get a ticket in a speed trap, I will never lend you my car again.

Phil: Of course not. I'll drive really slow.

Tom: Rule number two. No talking on your cell phone while you drive.

Phil: Of course, I promise I won't talk on my phone.

Tom: Rule number three. If you make any money gambling, you give half to me.

Phil: Well, you drive a hard bargain, but it's a deal!


Professor: Do you think that's a good deal?

我觉得,就象Phil说的,Tom "drives a hard bargain." 太能讨价还价了。

Professor: But I think it's a fair deal! Let's tune in next time to learn about Phil's trip to Vegas.

A:No speeding. No talking on the phone while driving. 这应该是开车时起码的要求吧。

B: I think so too, and that's why Phil added one more condition: Tom had to give him half of what he made from gambling.

A: 赌赢的钱分一半,这可不太靠谱儿,要是Tom把车都给输了,看Phil要怎么办。

B:Right. I don't think Phil was thinking clearly when he decided to lend Tom his new car.

A:我也觉得,Phil是让Tom 给砍晕了吧! Tom还真挺会求人的。

B: Ha! We can learn to be persuasive too─by using our body language! Let's listen to Business Etiquette!

礼节美语---BE-223 Body Language I

公司主管Andy向销售部门的Sara和James介绍咨询顾问Monica. Andy说,

Andy: Both of you are among our company's top salespeople. But we can always improve, right? I'd like you to meet Monica Wolf...Monica is a business consultant specializing in body language.

Monica: Hello, Sara. Hello, James. It's great to be here!

Sara: Hello, Monica. You know, I've never really considered how body language affects business.

James: I read a book about body language once, but the book mainly discussed how using proper body language can help you get a date.

Monica是商业咨询师,business consultant, 专长研究body language肢体语言。大家相互认识后,Sara说她从没觉得肢体语言会对做生意有什么影响,James也说,他倒是读过一本关于肢体语言的书,但那是教读者如何 get a date 找个约会的对象,date作为名词,可以指约会,也可以指跟你约会的那个人。Monica听后说:

Monica: Actually, if you think about it, each time you meet a client you're asking them to trust you. It's the same idea when you like someone...you have to make them trust you before they can fall in love with you.

A: You might not think consciously about it, but body language accounts for more than 50% of the message that you're trying to get across.

Monica: Andy is right. Once you've mastered basic body language skills you'll be surprised at how much more effective you will be. Let's take the first point: posture. If you walk into a room with your stomach in, your chest out, your shoulders back and your head high, each one of these signals sends a message saying: "I'm in command of this situation. You can trust me."

Monica说,争取客户和追求爱人其实差不多,都得先让对方信任你才行。Andy补充说,一个人在交流过程中,想要传达给对方的信息,有一半以上靠的是肢体语言。to get something across 是把意思传达给对方。比如:I was only trying to get my point across. 我只不过是想把我的看法告诉你。Monica说,能熟练使用肢体语言也会对工作有很多帮助,首先是体态,走进房间时要收腹,挺胸,抬头,这就等于是在说,一切都在我的控制下,你们可以相信我。Andy 接着说:

A: When I was hiring salespeople there were several that didn't make the cut. I think one of the main reasons I didn't hire them was because they slouched. It looked like they weren't comfortable, and therefore I couldn't trust them.

Monica: The next most important thing in business is the handshake. You should hold the person's hand firmly and shake a maximum of three times, all while maintaining constant eye contact.

Andy也认为一个人的站姿很重要,他雇人的时候,就曾因为应聘者低头含胸,所以没被雇用,they didn't make the cut. to make the cut 意思是符合标准,达标, to make the cut 这个短语常用在体育中,特别是高尔夫球比赛,指晋级到下一阶段的比赛中去。Monica说,除了仪表体态,握手也很有讲究,一定要握紧,同时 maintain constant eye contact 一直注视着对方的眼睛。还有哪些需要注意的地方呢?我们下次继续听。

B:Now, Yanglin, let's practice a handshake!

A: Haha! Okay, here we go. I'm holding your hand firmly, and I'm watching your eyes, and let's shake our hands. 一下!两下!三下!哈哈!

B: Wow....remembering all these rules and tips makes me nervous. I don't think it's good to be nervous when you try to persuade others.

A:这倒也是!不过你慢慢练习,总会习惯的。You need to internalize these rules.

B: Okay, remind me to walk with my stomach in, chest out, shoulders back and my head high!

A: 好! 收腹,挺胸,并肩,抬头!

B: Oh My! This is like a boot camp! I need to take a break. Let's eat!

ASE #50 Eating Contest

Y: 我前几天刚夸你健美,你就这么狼吞虎咽吃热狗。You are eating like a pig.

P: Yang Chen, we're doing an awesome sport today. You're going to be really excited.

Y: Oh yeah? I can't wait!

P: Today we're doing competitive eating.

Y: Competitive eating? 比赛吃东西。Wow, that IS exciting.

你整天教导我要吃得健康,现在居然要参加eating contest.

P: Hey, the two of us can do an eating contest first. Well, I guess I just beat you to the punch.

Y: Punch? You know, Patrick, I'm a very non-violent person. 我从来不打人。

P: Right. And I have the bruises to prove it. Actually, the phrase 'beat someone to the punch' is an old boxing term. It means that you do something faster than someone else.

Y: Oh, 是一个拳击术语,意思是先出手,先发制人。

P: Bingo. For example, I wanted to ask my pretty new classmate out on a date to, but one of the other guys in the class beat me to the punch and asked her out first.

Y: Poor Patrick. 这样下去好女孩都被别人抢走,你要打一辈子光棍儿了。 所以你现在非常 depressed, and that's why you want to eat so much?

P: Very funny. Now come on, let's start our eating contest. Whoever can eat the most hot dogs in 10 minutes wins.

Y: Alright! Go!

[Chewing sounds]


P: Oh my gosh, Yang Chen. I've never seen somebody eat so many hot dogs! I had no idea women could eat so much!

Y: Oh Patrick, don't be sad just because I ate twice as many hot dogs as you.

P: Well all I can say is that I hope you are as good at drinking Pepto Bismol as you are at eating hot dogs.

Y: The upset stomach medication? Hey, that's a great idea! Want to have a Pepto Bismol drinking contest?

P: Sure ... [groaning]

A: 听了这么多集体育美语,就今天这个比赛我觉得最好!比吃饭!我最在行了!

B: Er....why am I not surprised

A: 哈哈!当然也得看吃什么,汉堡差点儿,最好比赛吃冰淇淋!

B: How about 吃辣椒? 你行吗?

A: 辣椒?No problem!

B: 你还真...能吃。

A: 哈哈! 好了,节目时间差不多了,这次的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!

B: Bye!

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