217 Attending a Black-Tie Event 1


Jim: Gary, did you hear about my upcoming trip to New York?

Gary: I think I did hear something about it. You and Henry are attending some kind of function, right?

J: Yeah. It's an anniversary celebration for one of the companies we do a lot of work with, you know, Walcon Electronics.

G: Right! Walcon is one of our biggest clients.

J: It's Walcon's 120th anniversary and they're throwing a big party.
Jim马上要出差,到纽约去。Gary说,他听说了Jim的 upcoming trip. upcoming is spelled u-p-c-o-m-i-n-g, upcoming, upcoming是即将发生的意思,Gary还知道,他们这次是要去参加什么活动,function 在这里指正式的社交活动。公司最大的客户之一 Walcon Electronics 庆祝成立120周年,they're throwing a big party. 他们要办个大派对。英语里说办派对,经常会用动词 throw, t-h-r-o-w, throw.

G: Walcon Electronics is 120 years old?

J: Yep. They started out as a shoe manufacturer and then branched off into electronics in the late 1960s.

G: That's a big change, moving from shoes to electronics. But you have to give the company's founder credit for thinking ahead.

J: Absolutely. Today they're one of the world's top home electronics brands.

G: Well, you'll have fun. New York is always a great place to visit.

J: Yeah, but I'm a bit worried. I've never attended a function like this before. Look, here's the invitation.

Walcon电器公司最开始是生产鞋的,60年代才改行生产电器。这里用到的两个动词词组,一个是 start out 意思是起步,另外一个是 branch off 意思是改变前进的方向。Gary 说,You have to give the company's founder credit for thinking ahead. 咱们不得不佩服这个公司创始人有远见,to give someone credit for something 意思是肯定某人的做法。纽约是个好玩的地方,可Jim却很担心,他拿请柬给Gary看。

G: Oh my! It's a black-tie event. That means you have to wear a tuxedo.
J:  A tuxedo? I don't own a tux!

G: Not very many people do....you can rent one, though.

J: Oh wow. That means it's going to be a very formal event, huh?

G: A black-tie event is about as formal as it gets. Men wear tuxedos and ladies wear evening gowns.

J: What else should I expect?

G: There will probably be a band playing soft music. Waiters will walk around serving drinks.  Most of the guests will mainly stand around socializing with each other.

原来,这次活动是 a black-tie event参加者要穿礼服、打黑领结的正式活动,男宾要穿燕尾服,tuxedo, tuxedo is spelled t-u-x-e-d-o, tuxedo, 女宾要穿 evening gown 晚礼服。Gary说,A black-tie event is about as formal as it gets. 这基本上要算是最正规的活动了。as....as it gets 是指最彻底的表现,两个as之间加形容词。Jim会喜欢这种活动吗?