012 Netiquette


(Office ambience)

C:Hey, Mary,我知道etiquette这个词的意思是礼节,礼貌。可是,什么是netiquette? NETIQUETTE。

M:Netiquette是人们新创造的一个词。意思是网上礼节,也就是good behavior on the Internet。

C:网上还有礼节!Why don't you give me an example.

M:比如说,你最好不要全用大写来写email。If you type in all capital letters, people would think you are shouting your message。

C:噢,怪不得那天销售部的Robert问我:Why did you yell at me? 可有的人给我email全用小写,那是什么意思呀?Whisper?说悄悄话呀?

M:No。 那天财务部的Kevin不是给我们俩写的email都用小写吗?全用小写一般是不正式的,like chatting with your friends。


M:That's true, but that does not mean you can ignore appropriate etiquette。我得去开个会,午饭时再接著谈吧!

C:Fine! See you at the cafeteria at 12:00pm.




M:首先,在你送出e-mail 之前,check if there are mistakes such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice. If your e-mail is sloppy, you will be perceived as sloppy and disrespectful to the recipients.

C:我有两次发e-mail给客户时忘了附件。几个客户马上回e-mail问我:What attachment?

M:是呀,一旦e-mail发出去以后,你就没法收回了。发现错误后最好的办法就是纠正错误,再重新发一次。你应该在subject line里写:corrected version with attachment included。


M:最好是不要出这样的差错。Before you hit the send button, check your spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice. Sloppiness gives people a bad impression and is disrespectful to others. When mistakes are found, correct them and resend the e-mail. Typing in all capital letters seems that you are shouting, or typing in all lower keys are like chatting with your friends.