019 Identifying Yourself over the Phone


(Office ambience)

M:Hello, Human Resources Department, this is Mary.

C:Hi Mary. How would you like to go to lunch at the new Italian restaurant in our building? 我有一张优惠券,买一送一。Sounds good?

M:Excuse me. Who's this?


M:噢,是你呀!陈豪,You really should identify yourself every time you call someone.


M:Not every one has the ability to recognize voices. Sometimes, there is background noise or a bad connection. 而且有的人的声音听起来很像的。

C:That's right。我有个朋友,他儿子的声音跟他的非常像。每次我朋友接电话时,我都以为是他的儿子,所以我就问:你爸爸在家吗?

M:How did your friend react?


M:It would not have happened if you identify yourself first. (Telephone rings...) Hello, this is Mary.


C:Hi Mary. 早上我看你有电话,所以就走了。

M:You did the right thing. 美国人打电话时一般不喜欢别人站在一旁听。


M:What is it?

C:我有一次打电话给一个很重要的客户,他的秘书接的电话。那秘书就问我:"May I ask who is calling?" 等我告诉她我的名字后,她又说:"I'm sorry. Mr. Moore is in a meeting." 你说他是真的在开会,还是不想跟我说话?


C: 那倒也是。Mary, is there any time when I wouldn't need to say who I am?

M:Well...If you call your girlfriend three or five times a day, I don't think you need to identify yourself. 你可以说:"Hi honey...", or "Hi sweetheart..."

C:你开什么玩笑呀! I don't even have a girlfriend. 我连女朋友还没有呐!

M:Yes, I WAS kidding. 因为在商业场合是不可能,也不允许这样说的。

C:Mary, 请你把我们谈到的电话礼节总结一下吧!

M:It's simple: always identify yourself when you call someone; step away when someone is on the phone; be aware that business phone calls should be formal and are different from private calls.

C:Thank you Mary!