020 Voice Mail


(Office ambience, telephone rings....)

(CH's Voice mail): "This is Chen Hao. Leave a message."

M:(After the beep). Hi Chen Hao. This is Mary. Please call me back when you have a minute.

M:(CH passing by Mary's cubicle) Hey, Chen Hao. 来, 来, 来。 I'm looking for you.  I just left a telephone message for you。

C:找我? 有事吗?

M:有事。But let me tell you first that your telephone greeting sounds too abrupt。

C:不够客气?What's wrong with:"I'm Chen Hao. Leave a message". 我觉得干脆利落,no nonsense.

M:You know that other people will judge you by the greetings you recorded.


M:You should have offered a welcome like "Hello" first.


M:你在录音里把自己的姓和名都说了,这很好。But you should have said, "Please leave a message." Saying "please" is a simple but necessary courtesy.

C: OK, Mary, but I got to go, my boss is waiting for me...

M:Hey Chen Hao, I have something to tell you...


C:Hi Mary. Sorry I was in a hurry this morning. You have something to tell me?

M:I have good news. I am leaving ABC company and will start working next week for D&E Company in Beijing as the head of the Human Resources Department.

C:Oh, congratulations! But... it's bad for ME. 我要有问题问谁呀,能打电话给你吗?

M:Sure. 不过,到了D&E我会经常出差的。


M:I will record a greeting that says I am away from the office, when I will return and who you can contact if you can't wait for my return. 陈豪,你出差的时候也应该这样做。

C:是啊,有的客户是有意见,说给我打了电话好几天都没有回音。看来,我得先把平时的greeting改成:“Hello, I'm Chen Hao. Please leave a message."

M:That's good! When you're away from office for a few days, re-record the greeting to tell

callers that you are away, when you will return and who they should contact in case they need immediate attention.

C:Oh Mary, I am so happy for you, but I will miss you.

M:Don't worry. We still can have lunch together!