021 Remembering Names


(Office ambience)

C: Hi, Amy. 你在这儿太好了。我正好有个问题要请教你。

A: What is it?

C: 我开始在这儿工作以来,结识了不少人,到哪儿都会碰上,但却记不住他们的名字。

A: I have a simple way to remember names.

C: 那你快教教我,什么好办法。

A: I have an acronym that helps me.

C: 那是什么?

A: An acronym is an abbreviation formed by using the first letter of words in a phrase or name.

C: 我知道了,就是几个单词的英文首写字母的缩写。

A: The acronym I use to remember names is FACE. F stands for focus。 你第一次见到一个人,首先要注意他的名字。

C: 说起来容易,可我就是做不到。我总想着下面该说点儿什么。那你再说,A代表什么呢?

A: The "A" is for ask. Repeat the name in the form of a question. For example, if you are introduced to Bill, 你就可以问, "Bill?"

C: 听起来不奇怪吗?

A: 当然不了. It is natural that you would want to verify the name and make sure you heard correctly. 越是不常用的名字,就越应该问清楚。

C: 你说得确实有道理。别人让我重复自己的名字,是希望不会叫错,我会觉得别人这样做是尊重我。那C呢?

A: The "C" is for comment. Make a comment about the person's name - a comment that connects the name to someone or something that you can recall later.

C: 你是说如果有人叫Bill,我就可以说"Bill? As in President Bill Clinton?"

A: 你真是一点就通。It is also a conversation starter so now you see why you don't need to worry about what to say next. It comes naturally.

CH: 对呀。这样接下来就有话题了。那最后一个字母E呢?

M: "E" stands for employment. Employ means to use the name in conversation with the person. Using the name helps you remember it.


A:I am happy to repeat it. First you focus and think only of the other person's name. Next you ask or repeat the name in the form of a question. Then you make a comment about the name. Finally you employ or use the name while you are speaking with the person.

C: Thank you. 今天晚上我刚好有一个工作宴会,到时候一定要试试这个窍门。